The Conjugal Bed

The Conjugal Bed

A 40 years old man, Alfonso, finally succeeds to marry a virgin, educate, beautiful and very catholic woman. But soon she, Regina, starts stressing him because she wants to be pregnant. When the stress is at its peak Regina at last gets pregnant. Once the goal is reached the man is put aside and dies.

A 40 years old man, Alfonso, finally succeeds to marry a virgin, educate, beautiful and very catholic woman. But soon she, Regina, starts stressing him because she wants to be pregnant. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neil H (ag) wrote: A tepid effort that falls short of the mark. Viewers will find the bland plot and weak characterizations not worthy of attention.

anthony a (ag) wrote: quirky, fun, obscene, and out there but not for everyone. I wanted to see a gay zombie flick and this didn't disappoint. It wasn't what i thought it would be but I was ok with that. I found this to be a really good-bad movie filled with blood, gore, sex and gay eye candy. I stress not for everyone. I can see straight guys and good wholesome folk not liking it so much. It may just be the kind of flick for gay hardcore and punk kids but as a gay guy who's idea of a fun date is bad street eats, getting a tattoo, listening to Mastodon and watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre this movie was amazing. I'm going to buy a copy and keep it on hand for fun date nights-it's like a romance/drama/gore horror/comedy/porno all rolled into one. Just add pizza for a fun night!

Manny R (jp) wrote: Movie was pretty descent until the end.

Erin S (it) wrote: The most American German movie I have ever seen. It could have just as easily been made in Hollywood. Not a horror film. It is more of a teen comedy.

Andrew L (de) wrote: Nah no way and stay away from this film. A very disappointing National Lampoon's film. Not funny and badly scripted. I don't care about the characters or this film.

Ronnie P (ru) wrote: A very interesting documentary, also... a very boring review, by yours truly. Ass Man.

Joanna W (fr) wrote: good stuff, it was a bit long but had everything i love in movies in it!

Rick Q (jp) wrote: the controversial subject matter of alexander payne's "citizen ruth" may make the film often difficult to watch, partly due to laura dern's very convincing performance, though unlike "the descendants", the film never feels like a drama. this isn't a bad thing by any means, as payne's brand of humor is laced all through out the film and often in the oddest moments. it's not as good as most of payne's films, but it's still really good.

Allen G (jp) wrote: Paul Thomas Anderson made a name for himself with Hard Eight/Sydney but it wasn't until his next feature, Boogie Nights, where we really saw what he could do. Still, Hard Eight, holds up pretty well on its own, with great performances from the likes of Phillip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, and Gwyneth Paltrow.I often find myself comparing Paul Thomas Anderson's first two films with the work of Quentin Tarantino because I just think that they both had a similar approach to movie-making at the time, though that's certainly less the case today. Anyway, for me, Hard Eight is Anderson's Jackie Brown- it's more quiet and understated than Boogie Nights (or Pulp Fiction if we're still talking about Tarantino) but it has the same focus on giving multiple interesting characters a chance to breathe and develop on-screen. Indeed, that's really the point of Hard Eight (and why Anderson named it Sydney) - it's really about seeing Hall's character develop and this happens in the midst of a romance, a casino flick, a drama, and even a mob movie to some extent (though maybe that's just what happens to films when you put Casinos in them).Anyway, there's plenty to love here and I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Paltrow and Reilly, who seemed to work together surprising well on screen.It certainly lacks energy at times and not always in the same brooding way that much of Anderson's later, slower ,work does- Hard Eight just lacks a little self-belief at times and is clearly the work of a filmaker who, for whatever reasons, seemed to be somewhat limited in how they told their story. Boogie Nights certainly changed that though.One of my least-favouritte of Anderson's films but he is my favourite living writer and director so that's not really saying much. A great film, but better was still to come.

Wes S (ca) wrote: Weak story, and a bit silly for what it's trying to do. Travolta plays the character and has a fun time with it, but also comes off kind of bad. The story doesn't flow too smoothly, and there are plenty of dull moments.

Javier A (es) wrote: Regular filme de esta famosa actriz porno basado en su libro. Antes de que Monica Lewinsky le quitara el trono.

Darren B (us) wrote: Seriously enough phone ringing already! A struggle to sit through this nearly unbearable remake (which know doubt I'm sure was way better). Dumb dumb and yeah dumb. Including the yes you guessed it - dumb ending.