The Connection

The Connection

Eight drug addicts are waiting for their connection in a New York apartment belonging to Leach. Jim Dunn, a budding filmmaker, has agreed to pay for the fix if the addicts will allow him to film the connection scene. After the men get their shots, they talk Dunn into trying heroin in order to understand the subject "first hand." He becomes ill and while sleeping, Leach takes an overdose that puts him into a coma. Dunn recovers, with the aid of the connection, and writes off the film as a failure.

A director tries to film a group of junkies in Leach's room while they are waiting for Cowboy to bring their heroin connection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan G (ca) wrote: Jordan's film is a top 50 rental today. Nice.

Ed Fucking H (kr) wrote: A highly enjoyable and entertaining film from Juan Piquer Simon (of Pieces infamy). That should indicate to you the kind of experience this is going to be. It is a fairly cheesy, but also highly enjoyable 80's genre horror film. This one isn't quite as zany and batshit crazy as pieces, but you can still tell this is made by the same person. Technically probably a better film, with a slightly more unique premise, than Piences which when all is said and done was a generic slasher flick, albeit one with it's own personality, and dark sense of humour. This time around, a small towns water supply has been infested by a rare breed of carnivorous slugs. People keep turning up devoured, and the mutant slug theory for this is naturally thrown out as the insane ramblings of an overworked health inspector. Ultimately the health inspector must take it upon himself to destory these vermin, so concocts chemical compound that will burn the slugs, and naturally blow up most of the town. While not excessive in its gore, there are a few scenes that will satsify the gorehounds (the restaurant scene, the greenhouse scene and the bedroom scene mainkly.) There are a lot of explosions so pyros should enjoy themselves with this one as well. Not as much unintentional (or was it intentional?) humour as Pieces. This feels like a slightly more accomplished and more professionally made film. Not a dull moment to be found. Recommended.

Kenandro M (au) wrote: Listen people, this movie wasn't a comeback, how ridiculous to think that as this seemed more like an independent film in its style. This movie also wasn't supposed to shock or scandalize as the humorously incorrect commenters before me have maintained. No, coming from a viewer and not a skeptical black and white critique, I will tell YOU that this movie touched a subject Culkin seemed comfortable with, as we all have heard the rumors how he has become something of a drug addict long before this film. He and seth green are good friends, and this wasn't a comeback attempt at all as it was meant to be comfortable move for him. He enjoys acting, he himself explains he can't stay away for long. He enjoys being private and staying in his comfort zone which is exactly where this plot lies. He is surrounded by the portrayal of drug use, familiar things to him, and a good friend as his co-star. Long story short: this was for HIM. Not for any of YOU snobby never-satisfied Rotten Tomatoes Critiques.

John P (ag) wrote: Matthew Broderick and a GREAT Christopher Walken make this a fun movie to watch:)


Tim M (es) wrote: Not to be confused with Gucci Mane's "Trap House". This one has a lot of espionage in it. Funny in parts, great ending.

Lee B (nl) wrote: Very intriguing to see the way the women in the oldest profession affected the men (young and old) in their lives. As it was a serious topic and dramatic in it's scenery and human outlook, there were humorous moments, as in all tragedies. Nothing is ever to bleak, and despite how people feel about the women's work, no one thought they were too good to benefit from their tabooed labor,

James H (us) wrote: Enjoyable musical biography of famed star Lillian Russell. Alice Faye is great in the lead. Stellar supporting cast with Edward Armold giving a memorable performance as Diamond Jim Brady.

Amy C (nl) wrote: I loved it. Very good movie

Caesar S (kr) wrote: Escape from Hell's Kitchen!!I finally got the DVD its was hard to find..As being a Sly freak managed to get copy of it and it was worth checking out!!:))