The Constable

The Constable

Lam Kwok Kuen, nearing retirement and raising a mentally challenged son by himself, is a police officer whose sole requirement on the job is oversee the department fleet. Despite this, he remains active in the front line of police service, putting his life on the line for the sake of others, his heroism bettering even the most seasoned professionals. He fights the bad guys, putting criminals behind bars, upholding the law at any cost, for as his adage proclaims, to live a day surmounts to pursuing justice relentlessly, whether life or death proceeds in its aftermath.

Minor surprises punctuate this mostly droning look at normal cops and their everyday lives. A bizarre fusion of realism and cop action tropes from the misguided mind of Dennis S.Y. Law. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark B (es) wrote: Here is precisely why the upcoming 'Tristan' movie has my stomach in knots. Perceval aka Parzival, with several versions (Eschenbach & De Troyes being the best known, as well as an enormous opera by Wagner) is another of the great medieval stories. It deals with a youth of noble birth, brought up in the woods by his mother to be ignorant of all things knightly, because combat took his father's life. He is all set to do that, until a troop of knights enters the forest and he decides he wants to join the ranks at the Round Table. From there, this young fool, full of compassion, goes on a quest for the Holy Grail. The Rohmer version presented here is interesting on paper. The cast has some pedigree, the Perceval is a good choice. Rohmer is critically praised, and he adapted the source material into modernized French but kept the poetic structure of De Troyes' original language. So it would seem to be a home run, right? Wrong. The thing that kills this story is that it is staged as a trite little medieval play, complete with a tiny stage, little chorus band on authentic instruments, and also silly costumes. As the story unfolds, the acting is stilted, the sets out of a fifth grade play, and the band a pathetic accompaniement. One gets the sense of "Waiting for Guffman in Armor", and it all falls flat. They also cut out much of the context for why Perceval seems a young fool at first (isolation, mother's volition) that makes his ridiculous behavior in the book understandable, but here totally absurd. If 'Tristan' follows the same tack of picking the wrong artistic approach or improper cutting of the source, then it will be sunk too. These films rely so much on the context of the time, and the plots are so integrated, that judicious cutting and writing are in order, or else! Then again, what did you expect from the French, a culture that is incapable of making great movies. All the big revered directors had one or two really good/great films and many duds (Godard, Renoir, Jeunet, Cocteau) or none at all: Melville is boring, Rohmer cliched, imports Bunuel & Dreyer stink. There are some solid French filmmakers: Dassin, Fonteyne, Kassovitz, but only one is great: the incomparable Francois Truffaut. Then again, his work isn't very French, lacking the reams of analytic thought or pithy aphorisms that mar most French films, like Godard's recent turkey 'Eloge a L'amour'. Nor is he obsessed with weirdness or graphic depictions, like Jeunet, Besson, or the nauseating Ozon & the *disgusting* Noe. If only all these guys tried to imitate Truffaut rather than 70's Scorsese, France might have a decent national cinema. So here's hoping that the latest 'Tristan' adventure avoids being a disaster like the 1978 'Perceval'. The crew adapting it seems better this time around, especially not being French, but this outing from the 1970 reveals just how wrong things can go when adapting a classic story. I want a 'Tristan' movie worthy of its predecessors, not one to rank with the turkeys of today.

August M (es) wrote: The very essence of cool! If anyone ever asks "What is COOL?" I will point them in the direction of this film. What's so great about this film's particular brand of cool is it's a non-showy, quiet cool that is pulled off with utter confidence by Melville. A quirky cast of characters gets together to pull off a major heist: a recently released criminal, an escaped convict, and an alcoholic former policeman. Fate conspires to place them all together and to face off against an unorthodox detective. I enjoyed the film very much but the 25 minute heist scene, which is almost completely silent, really elevated the film. Masterfully achieved, I can see how that scene alone inspired a number of heist movies to come after It's too bad, then, that the final shootout is a little hokey and on-the-nose. Still, the ending does not ruin the movie so much as end it with a whimper, rather than a bang.

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Gerard M (es) wrote: Sad and dark, but well interesting and memorable.

Miguel A (ca) wrote: difcil no admirar a vontade quase punk que "Basket Case" demonstra ao atirar-se a um gnero exigente (o terror feito de criaturas deformadas), com uns poucos milhares de dlares na mo e uma equipa tcnica muito mais eficiente a fazer salpicar sangue do que nas animaes stop-motion. A verdade que "Basket Case" tem para contar uma fbula bizarra, que, mesmo sombra de todas as limitaes, sai dignificada por ter um princpio, um meio e um fim (quantos b-movies podem gabar-se do mesmo?). Assim at se perdoa todos os momentos em que o monstrinho de culto de Frank Henenlotter perde a graa e entra em modo puramente desleixado.

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