The Constant Woman

The Constant Woman

A mother abandons her family only to become a crispy critter with her lover, the husband finds out about it AND that his son isn't really his, becomes an alcoholic, is being held prisoner in a speak-easy, is rescued by 'Beef', is sobered up, gets a good job, negotiates a great contract for lots 'o money, realizes he's in love, asks the girl to marry him, son returns from boarding school and freaks out when told this, runs off and joins the circus that now happens to catch fire..... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Kenny P (it) wrote: A must see if you are concerned about the fiscal welfare of our nation and the future of our children.

Troy N (gb) wrote: Overall story is pretty well done, I thought. Really keeps you interested throughout. The one thing I would change is the lighting. It is sooo dark on most of the scenes, which I get helps set the tone of the movie, but they could have added a little more light. I think this is a very under rated movie and I would definitely recommend it.

Lady D (jp) wrote: Recommended by Carol H

Dwayne R (us) wrote: You've got to love closed captioning sometimes. "[kaboom]".

pam o (kr) wrote: destiny...! that's the word...

Connor S (gb) wrote: Filmed just up the coast from where I grew up - "What difference does it make?"

Viet Phuong N (es) wrote: The opening scene is absolutely beautiful and echoes the mystical ancient Indian kingdom. The last scene is terribly haunting with the image of the "Nature prevails" over the loneliness and craziness of human beings. The allegoricalness of the film is also delicately presented through the, ironically enough, pure madness of Klaus Kinski, reflecting from his eyes and mouth of terror (symbolically and literally). Through and through, I understand and appreciate the greatness of the film and can easily realise the deep influence of this films in other cinematic epics like Apocalypse Now or (partly) Life of Pi. BUT I could not get the perfectness of the film, given the lousy supporting cast, who really looks amateur (by today standard) in their roles, and the scarce props/setting, which are more suitable for a stage play than a cinematic film. Of course I understand the hostility of the filming environment and Herzog's insistence of filming on location as well as the allegorical values of such setting (the immense ambience of the Amazon River versus the fragility of the expedition), but, I really could not get it, I am sorry failing you, Mr. Herzog, Mr. Ebert ...

Scott S (nl) wrote: all i am going to say is Jones and Roberts made for the better couple in this movie.

Crystal E (it) wrote: Maybe it is dehydration speaking, or that anything is better than the time I keep spending in the bathroom, but I liked it. Which is rare for me to give above 3 stars to a Girly movie

Jace R (nl) wrote: One of the last flicks James Gandolfini does besides "the Drop". Plus Brad Pitt as a hitman, and Ray Liotta....I'm almost embarrassed I passed this Awesome Gangster flick over for 4 years. Brutal.

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