The Contestant

The Contestant

A black comedy chronicling the fate of the biggest gameshow prize in history.

A black comedy chronicling the fate of the biggest gameshow prize in history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MIchael B (es) wrote: The premise of the movie was bad and it was excruciatingly slow. The acting was okay but there was no on in the movie I was rooting for.

Steven K (ru) wrote: best movie I've ever seen very well made

Christian S (kr) wrote: Bonne faon de voir les risques courus par les clandestins franchissant la frontire us

Alicia S (mx) wrote: Must see wonderfulness.

Melanie D (au) wrote: Visually beautiful and well narrated (I saw the UK version narrated by Sean Pertwee), this was quite a good program. It doesn't really have a whole lot of information, it's mostly a visual treat, but it was still enjoyable to watch. 7/10

Sarah G (br) wrote: A little more predictable and cliche than the first Natl Treasure. But still enjoyable overall.

Stella D (au) wrote: a hypnotic epic starring the wonderful fernanda montenegro and her real-life daughter, the film follows 3 generations of women for 60 odd years trapped in a magnificent but forbidding desert environment of northern brazil. a meditative experience in some ways reminiscent of teshigahara's woman in the dunes

Erin P (fr) wrote: The first one was way better

Anna N (br) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

E L (au) wrote: The classic that began it all.

JY S (nl) wrote: John Carpenter goes campy with They Live.Backed with a catchy tune for 90 minutes, They Live hilariously amuses with its sci-fi thriller style plot. The buildup is a little lengthy, but serves as a great contrast for when the sunglasses are on. Plot details are thin and under explained at times; however, the subject matter and characters make up for these shortfalls.The action is over the top and a brawl in an alleyway is excessively long, yet somehow it feels right at home in this picture. The visuals through the sunglasses is a delight when compared with the so-called real world view.Roddy Piper is a hoot and Keith David steps in as a successful partner in crime. Those two alone are enough to make this film work.

Tom R (jp) wrote: The Dead is a well-crafted movie by John Huston (The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen) and probably one of the best Irish dramas ever made. It has good acting from its entire cast, captures many subtle moments of human behavior usually not seen in modern movies, and contains very beautiful vocal performances and music. Even though I was intrigued by it, I couldn't get over the fact that not a lot happens in it. Being based off a short story by James Joyce, it reminds me of a novella you are forced to read in high school and talk about it's symbolism more than the story itself. I think The Dead is one of those movies that gets better with each viewing, so I'll be watching this again in the future.

Tsukasa A (us) wrote: The masterpiece released in 1984 portrays a Texas woman who stands on her own to protect her family and land after loss of her beloved husband in 1935 just after the Great Depression.It is full of American memories such as a grace at meals, wooden buildings, tornados, cotton fields, KKK, preaches and hymns. According to Roger Ebert, "The places referred to in the title of Robert Benton's movie are, he has said, places that he holds sacred in his own heart: The small town in Texas where he grew up, various friends and relatives he remembers from those days, the little boy that he once was, and the things that happened or almost happened. "The masterpiece makes me feel nostalgic as the US have changed drastically in 80 years while I learned good old America on TV's and movies as well. Over such background, Robert Benton put the story of the standing widow as well as episodes of a sister suffering from her husband's affair, an African American good at farming, an visually handicapped veteran which makes the masterpiece deep and wide.

Farron K (ru) wrote: Shamelessly obvious editing-in of Bruce Lee's face and a few scenes he had shot before his death. Hell, they even swiped a pile of scenes from old Lee movies and dubbed them over with new scripts. Sure, they did similar things in Game of Death I. But unlike Game of Death I, Game of Death II is just boring. Bad acting, garbage storyline, fight scenes that are mediocre at best, and a complete insult to Bruce Lee.

Xander S (ru) wrote: Though it is watchable, it suffers from blunt exposition, horrible acting (even from the great William Holden), and a progression of death scenes that are either comparatively mundane or so gratuitously extravagant that they bypass scary completely for "hokey." (In one memorably awful sequence, the victim's eyes and hair are accosted by ravens on a deserted road; then, out of nowhere, a huge truck comes along and finishes the job.) While the savage violence grates on the nerves, the dialogue ("She pollutes the air with her craziness! She sickens me") assaults the ears. And even Jerry Goldsmith's music sounds rehashed. But underneath all of that is an interesting concept, a coming-of-age drama with a diabolical twist, which is at least enough to keep one watching to the end, and on to the superior "Final Conflict."

Connor B (mx) wrote: Unnecessary scientific explanations for Dracula and the Wolf Man, obvious C-budget, tired feelings, and stock footage galore!

Irvin C (ca) wrote: Two con men try to escape from prison. One was successful and the other was recaptured. While outside, the guy who got out made his fortune by becoming a factory owner and eventually they reunite when the other gets parole. Complications though ensue. This is, by the way, a musical (though the music is fairly just okay). It's extremely well-crafted and there are some laughs. But unfortunately, I didn't find myself heavily invested in either character thus preventing me from completely falling in love with it. "Under the Roofs of Paris" was better.

Ritsuko S (gb) wrote: U-Next?? (R),...?,,????????...? 1/2?,?,??-? 3/4?? (R)?,, (C) 1/4>?? (R)~"? (R) 3/4 1/4?? (C)?,? (R)-?? 1/2??,? (C)??? 1/2?

Kimberly X (kr) wrote: This movie is so heartwarming and amazing! I love it! This is a must-see!