The Continent

The Continent

A road movie that follows three young men yearning after their ideals.

Three men go on a road trip to find a new life away from the island they live on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Continent torrent reviews

Nick H (de) wrote: If you like dog killing and other depressing things then maybe this would be a good film for you.

Don S (ca) wrote: A B-movie horror, with all that entails. Yes, it has bad acting. Yes, the sets are limited. Yes, the story is unoriginal. Yes, the characters are stereotypes. Despite all that, I rather enjoyed it. This is the finest directing I've seen from Fred Olen Ray. The small role for scream queen Brinke Stevens was most welcome. The characters are told their fortunes, and those fortunes become reality. Not scary, but the effects are wonderful for such a low budget movie.

Charles P (ru) wrote: Mystery Men is an overstretched, indistinct, unrestrained bouncy castle of a movie.

Lisa W (jp) wrote: This wasn't great, but it was fun and the kids enjoyed it.

peter h (mx) wrote: 2001 a space oddssey the greatest sic fi movie ever this [well let call it a film] is THE WORST SCI FI MOVIE EVER MADE god the villian over acts, the hero looks like he needs bronze on him at mr uinverse, and the captain of the southern sun needs to be at the north pole with his elfs and mrs 2/100

Fredrik S (es) wrote: If you know your Beatles history, then this is hilarious. Otherwise, it's probably nearly impossible to understand. The music is eerily similar to the original, but furnished with som really silliy lyrics.

Sandy C (es) wrote: i could not watch the whole thing---FAIL

Alfia T (mx) wrote: ???? ?????????? ????? ?????, ?? ?????? ???????? ?????? ? ??????.

Roy S (mx) wrote: Sure don't make them like this anymore, and I sure wish they did. Quaintly preachy liberalism aside, it is splendidly crafted. Well acted, well told, nicely scored, and beautifully photographed. You and your brothers are greatly missed, John Frankenheimer!