The Contract

The Contract

Hannah has been trained in the lethal art of assasination by her father Luc, a former sniper with the special forces in Vietnam. When her father is unexpectedly killed she is forced to choose between the violent world she knows and the ordinary world she does not. As the sun rises on Capitol Hill, Senator Harmon prepares to announce his candidacy for leadership of the Republican party and ultimately the presidency of the United States. The only thing that could deny his dream is the exposure of an evil past full of deception and murder. Hannah engages herself on an action-packed journey that takes her from the Mafia underworld to corruption in the highest levels of government. What she is about to discover could be the greatest and most sinister conspiracy of all time.

An ex-black ops assassin, Luc, is set up and killed by an up and coming governor because he has information that could jeopardize the governors election chances. Luc has brought up and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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