The Cool School

The Cool School

How LA Learned to Love Modern Art. A lesson in how a few renegade artists built an art scene from scratch.

How LA Learned to Love Modern Art. A lesson in how a few renegade artists built an art scene from scratch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy R (mx) wrote: Dracula 3D was a real ordeal for me to sit through. Wonky SFX, a narrative nightmare and awful performances. An unmitigated disaster and complete bore from one of my all-time favourite directors.

Garth J (it) wrote: If you see one movie this year in which jason patric questions the whiteness of a woman's teeth and the grooming of her nether regions after having painful, brief sex... Have it be this movie!

Brenda W (ag) wrote: In 1937, in a remote area of Tibet closes to the chinese border, a two year old child identified as the reincarnation of Dalai Lama, the compassionate Buddha. Two year later, the child is brought to Lhasa where h is schooled as a monk and as head of state amidst the color and pageantry of Tibetan culture. The films follow him into adulthood: when he is fourteenth, the Chinese invade Tibet and he is forced into a shaky coalition government, he travels to China to meet Mao; and finally ill and under siege, he flees to India. Throughout, he has vision of his people slaughter under chinese rule.The movie relate to world religion because they are distinguished sects of people. They believe in incarnate like when they came to his village on the border of Tibet and China to see in the child wa the reincarnation of Dalai Lama"Kundun". Kundun was compassionate and he spread the love and rule his country with compassion and he was nonviolent which is part of is part of the Noble Eightfold Path. The Tibets was kind; honest open and cheerful in this movie and when china took over the tibet response but look for guidance from Dalai Lama and listen to what the china so they want hurt them; they remain loyal to the buddhist teacher of nonviolence and no killing, one of the Noble Eightfold Path which is the Right action.The Tibets devotion to the buddhist religion pervades their every thought and action in this movie. Another example of the Noble Eightfold Path was the right to speech was when he met with the chairman Mao and he later threatened his life. Dalia advise nonviolence; means cooperation when possible, resistance when not, what does that mean when you want innocent people not to die and want everybody to live. When you resist it only cause destruction and war and lot of life lost represent represent the Five Precepts and then The Noble EightFold Path. The Film displays the characteristics of Buddhism because the Tibets and Kundun showed peace and nonviolence which is the basis of the Karma, The Noble EightFold and the Five Precepts.

Matthew Z (jp) wrote: One of my childhood favorites. If you don't like this movie you have no soul.

Sunshine S (ag) wrote: Here's the film of a novel nobody liked in high school (but probably succumbed to when they read it in later life, as they should). Based on the book by Edith Wharton, it's one of those repressed romances of longing and regret carried out in real tim...

Diego F (ag) wrote: me encantaria conocer a esta marabillosa persona que es Delores Taylor siento pasion desde que bi la pelicula Billy el de fensor

Jens T (us) wrote: Douglas Sirk's All I Desire is the story of the burleq dancer, Naomi Murdoch (Barbara Stanwyck) who left her family a long time ago, decides to pay them a visit. She have told her in her letters that she's an famous actress, which of course is a lie.

IOnell S (jp) wrote: A mi me gust :-) me recuerda al seor de los anillos