The Corn Is Green

The Corn Is Green

A strong-willed teacher, determined to educate the poor and illiterate youth of an impoverished Welsh village, discovers one student whom she believes to have the seeds of genius in him.

A strong-willed teacher, determined to educate the poor and illiterate youth of an impoverished Welsh village, discovers one student whom she believes to have the seeds of genius in him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (mx) wrote: Peter Brown is a genius! I loved the footage he caught while being with Sea Shepherd for quite some time! See this movie, completely different from whale wars and all the other Paul Watson films out there.

Courtney K (de) wrote: hmm, i kind of liked it. the story was interesting enough to hold my attention in the beginning -- should've known it would be a girl to mix things up -- but i really loved the end. when you find out what their home life is really like, it weirds things up a bit. however it was almost as if that detective was reading a script or something because his accusations, although they were right, were very outlandish to be made so early in the movie.

Andy G (ca) wrote: Centurion is a very good graphic war movie about the Romans living and fighting against each other. What a great bloody battles in good fight scenes. A lot of good British actors starting this david Morrissey, Dominic West and Michael Fassbender that is in this movie. B+(2010)

Darren D (br) wrote: Another Kevin Sorbo classic. Low budget, bad acting and cheap special effects. Kevin Sorbo is so much better when he is being mean and kickin' ass, like his roles in 'Walking Tall'. His turn here as a priest was not convincing as at all and despite being top billed, he did not have much screen time. Time to stop making garbage like this Kevin!

Sharranjeet T (au) wrote: i loved this love mostly beacuse John Abraham. i did not like the ending because he dies.

Brian W (jp) wrote: A film about the porn industry where the acting is sometimes not much better. This is no Boogie Nights. Still not all bad. Love Debbie Harry

Andrey B (ag) wrote: Very caustic satire.

bill s (jp) wrote: A smart and funny romantic comedy that's finely acted and still upstaged by a dog....go figure.

Justin O (ru) wrote: A funny movie despite what asshole critics say, with a lot of political humor that manages to stay fresh today.

Bernard O (gb) wrote: I used to watch lots of rubbish straight-to-video action flims back when I were young, and this is by far one of the better ones. Looks like it was filmed for a fiver, and unflinchingly sticks to the "undercover cop becomes conflicted" template, but it's got a couple of bits that make it worth watching.

Steve A (ag) wrote: One of the most original horror films of the late 80s/early 90s. Both arty and entertaining. A film everyone should see in a cinema at least once (for a very good reason that I won't spoil!)

Sergio M (ru) wrote: i liked some aspects of this film that i never thought i would like in a movie like this. like the social background with all the strikes. that was my favourite bit (well, and the amazing tron outfit, let's not deny it). but i expected more from the main character, it sometimes felt like a collection of songs. but still, worth the watch. jonathan pryce is brilliant in it, though.

Richard R (fr) wrote: I loved this movie! Reality is much more brutal

Bruce B (au) wrote: Pickup On South Street is one of the most brilliant movies ever made. An example of the directing: When Candy (Jean Peters) starts going through her purse and notices her wallet is missing, an alarm goes off in the background in the building she's in -- as if it's an alarm going off in her head. It's not cartoon-like -- it's subtly woven into the background in a way that strikes you on a subconscious level until you've seen the film a few times and it just "clicks" that there's an alarm bell going off when she starts frantically going through her bag.Richard Widmark is way on top of his game as a smart-alec -- he's really great -- but the highlight performance of the film was the first scene for "Moe," the street peddler/informer, played by Thelma Ritter. Later, in her apartment, you are not seeing a movie -- you're seeing a real person. I've never seen anyone "act" so real I felt like I was looking into a real room until Ritter's performance -- right down to the way her hair stuck out a bit when she removed her hat. About a million other things just *worked,* from the way Lightning Louie picks up money with his chopsticks to the way Candy's jewelry clicks when she flicks Moe's hand away from her brooch, to the way Moe gets the dollars and change from the police captain across the FBI guy's chest -- and even the way the captain opens his filing cabinet, like he's been doing it in that way in that room for many years. "Pickup On South Street" is detailed moves (directing) with consummate performances (acting) and superb now-nostalgic visuals of the day, such as the panel truck, the boards leading to the shack out on the water, the dumbwaiter, -- and the unforgettable place Skip stashes his pocket pickings. Wonderful stuff."Pickup On South Street" is also one of the few movies where, even though the characters aren't perfect, you do care about them -- perhaps because they have been somewhat branded by their pasts in ways that are hard to escape: Skip as a "three-time loser" and Candy as a youngish woman who has "knocked around" a lot. When these people behave a little more badly than you'd expect, it's in sort of novel ways that make it seem you're looking in at people you'd never otherwise imagine -- and yet you know that they are possible because the actors make them so recognizably human. 5 Stars. 4-20-13