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The Corrupt


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Courtney S (nl) wrote: OMFG THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!

bendi (nl) wrote: This movie blew me away, especially with such low critical reception. A beautiful flick, Hawke makes wonderful choices for a first-time director. Jeff Tweedy's score weaves itself throughout the visual poetry depicted in the halls of the Chelsea Hotel as the film explores connections, and the lack thereof, between the inhabitants. The cinematogrophy is excellent and the acting is superb throughout the piece, holding together the nonlinear narrative. In my opinion, Chelsea Walls serves as an all-around wonderful flick.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Really enjoyable Australian tap dance movie with very different choreography. This really isn't anything like the old Fred and Ginger or Ruby Keeler movies from the 30s.

Travis M (au) wrote: Johnny Tsunami has an unoriginal premise that gets old very fast and characters that aren't nearly as interesting as they look.

Cable (de) wrote: Best basketball ever. Hands down. Also has a cameo from Kevin Garnett playing Wilt the Stilt. One of Cheadle's best.

Ray F (ca) wrote: the one where matt dillon took my breath away ...

Jack C (us) wrote: Review Coming Soon...

Sean H (es) wrote: Its actually pretty poor. Poor acting. Poor Plot. Poorly put together movie. Strange coming from a master of cinematography.

Abel D (ca) wrote: Flashy, snazzy and sexy, Marshalls mobster musical is quite a ride. Then again, did you expect less from an amazing soundtrack and powerhouse cast who absolutely nail the quasi serious-comic nature of the material?

peter h (ag) wrote: After BLOOD FEAST and TWO THOUSAND MANIACS David.F.Freeman and Herschell Gordon Lewis produced this final so called instalment in the "FREEMAN/LEWIS BLOOD TRIOLOGY". Now the first two films had the presents of a playboy playmate called connie mason who seriously made Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs seem even worse , thankfully this blood film is free of her but even with out her this third blood movie its still just as bad and campy as it predecsssors.Why? its herschell gordon lewis so called direction that ruins these films. Honestlly he can wirte better theme songs like the Theme for 2000 thousand maniacs better than he can wirte and direct. Anyway this film is all about an artist called adam that finds that much needed color for his paintings a nice shade of red paint that flows though our veins , Blood ,Human Blood that makes this pyshcopathic artist paintings seem that much better. After adam brutaly kills his parnter and paints with her blood stained corspes his art dealer, an eledrly art buyer and beatnick crtitc can get enough of his nice and bloody images. So since its a gore film from HGL the rest wirtes itslef, Adam gose around killing people for their blood untill the art buyers daugher offers to pose for this homicdle artist and since herself, her boyfriend ,and thier freinds are the films heros of this blood stained film expect the same old perdictble ending. On a final note despite BLOOD FEAST , TWO THOUSAND MANIACS ,and COLOR ME BLOOD RED being so poorly made they do hold alot of historical signfiance due to them being the fore runners of the gore and splatter genre, in fact the Horror Genere owes a bit to these slocky low bugdet gore films for giving the modern audaince really graphic scenes in our modern films. On another note Color Me Blood Red marked the turning point for the carrer of Herschel Gordon lewis who would go on to make diffent films which would lead to the grindhouse era in indepent cinema like SOMETHING WERID , THE BLAST OF GIRLS (which stared Colonel Sanders), JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT ,SUBRBAN ROULTEE,and other gore films like THE GURESOME TWOSOME , THE GORE GORE GIRLS AND THE WIZARD OF GORE , oh and also he would complete MONSTER A GO GO which is one of historys worst movies ever. final mark for Color Me Blood Red 4/10 another so bad its good movie.

James C (gb) wrote: Another example of great talent gone to waste. Granted, writer/director Roland Joffe hasn't made a good film in over 20 years, so one shouldn't expect too much here. He does have some great actors and the technical aspects of the film are all top notch, but the script is a mess and the film is really dull. This story of a journalist researching controversial founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva who finds out his estranged father his childhood friend has so many narrative problems that it just weighs the whole thing down. And hiring British & American actors for Spanish roles just makes it worse. That said, at least there are some bright moments for Jordi Molla, Charles Dance, Geraldine Chaplin and Derek Jacobi. Charlie Cox, as Escriva, is decent enough but Wes Bentley is completely miscast and buried under some really bad old age make up in the framing story set in 1982. Historically, I don't know enough about this period of Spanish history or the role that the Catholic Church played, but from the other reviews I have read, apparently a lot of this is white washed and/or wrong. The version I saw on DVD has the original score by Stephen Warbeck, but apparently the U.S. theatrical version was rescored by Robert Folk. The DVD features an interview with Wes Bentley where he talks about fighting his demons to get sober (which was an odd addition) and over 30 minutes of deleted/extended scenes which mostly feature the wonderful work of the supporting actors Molla, Chaplin and Jacobi.