The Cost of Love

The Cost of Love

Dale is an attractive, hard-as-nails gay male escort in Greenwich, London. He specialises in fulfilling sexual fantasies - dressing up as a schoolboy, BDSM, you name it, he's done it, yet his own dreams of a happy ending are complicated when straight best friend and childhood crush Raj announces his forthcoming marriage. Meanwhile, a spate of gay hate crimes are being reported on the local heath...

This is a highly romantic tale of love and tragedy, of suspense and action, of hot and steamy activity, delving into the lives of diverse residents of Greenwich in southeast London. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael T (de) wrote: While imperfect, this is an intelligent and thought-provoking picture.

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Gabbo M (ru) wrote: the original napoleon dynamite....u can watch this on youtube

Dennis M (jp) wrote: just doesn't seem to work

B R (fr) wrote: Enveloped me in a blanket of magic that captured the 40s/50's ZING. Gave an insight to how life is not as it seems and to remember not to judge a book by its cover. Open the book and read the pages within.....

Luc L (au) wrote: The story was predictable.

Bill Y (nl) wrote: The idea of Reptilicus is very original and a bright new idea for monster movies of that time. The only problems with this movie include very little monster activity, as well as poor special effects. Although, back then special effects were nowhere near the level they are now, ( But we knew that). Now the issue with monster activity is that the monster activity is too little, but Reptilicus does offer a fairly decent path of chaos. Overall, if this movie was remade I believe that many would enjoy it, the same as I enjoyed the original.

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Heather M (gb) wrote: This looks like one made for tv movie that I can live without.

Marcus W (de) wrote: Take note, Hollywood. It is possible to film fight scenes and not over edit them so nobody can distinguish who's hitting who. This is a fun film. Girls are trained as assassins, and the plot keeps twisting. Though I swear at one point this was going to be porn, as every time it appears as though there's going to be nudity and shagging, a fight starts. Enjoyable.

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Ken S (ag) wrote: I pretty much enjoyed "Shadows and Fog". It doesn't really have a lot going on, it's primarily just the events of one foggy night as several people try to track down a serial strangler, while Allen is unwittingly roped in without ever figuring out his part of the plan, and eventually being accused himself. I love the cinematography of the foggy night, and I had a few laughs. I think I just enjoy being with a Woody Allen film, even ones that are generally regarded as weaker entries in his long canon. It probably helps that I really like German Expressionism as well.