The Counselor

The Counselor

A rich and successful lawyer named Counselor is about to get married to his fiancée but soon meets up with the middle-man known as Westray who tells him his drug trafficking plan has taken a horrible twist and now he must protect himself and his soon bride-to-be lover as the truth of the drug business uncovers and targets become chosen.

A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran T (jp) wrote: completely predicatable and constantly solves moments of drama too easily, but overall i was still slightly caught up in it. Apinya is more effective when speaking Thai as opposed to her broken english here, not bad overall but nothing you havnt seen before from this foreign visitor asian prostitute storyline

julia G (au) wrote: the shaving mirror shot is really cool

Dana A (ru) wrote: There is something incredibly haunting and well crafted about Asian thrillers that is truly an unforgettable experiance. The visuals are always creative and enhancing without domaining the film, the action and story is always captivating and unique despite the horror that maybe shown, you find yourself unable to look away. However, this did not have any of those qualities. This was an over the top confusing mess, that took so many twists and turns it completely loses you. By the time everything is explained your too drained to care. The story wasn't well crafted and 20 minutes into it you know the physchology of the lead character and the ending isn't going to be pretty. It revels far too much at the beginning and tried desperately to throw you off by its enlongated explainations at the end. The plot as twisted as it was is far from original, you know exactly what the end result is. The characters were all a bit boring and didn't serve a purpose, the lead actress was a over the top, the visuals weren't really needed and about 40% of the movie could have been cut. Overall this was rather dissapointing and not very well executed.

Yan L (ru) wrote: A must film , excellent documentary of a modern man on a monkey planet.

Private U (fr) wrote: Okay, marginally entertaining but fairly slow moving and predictable.

Freeman M (gb) wrote: So bad, it's actually kind of hilarious.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Makes Alice in Wonderland, even Pan's Labyrinth seem shitty.

MrScoreCrave (br) wrote: Sure it's melodramatic and a little bloated, but Edward Zwick is an amazing director and the cinematography is stunning.

John A (nl) wrote: John Carpenter's directorial debut, was originally a short student film, in which 15 mins was added, to make a feature length film. Carpenter's Dark Star, has (like most of his work), become a cult favourite. This supposed serious sci-fi flick, features some similar plot element's with 2001, Since then it can be considered a satire due to it's dark humour and uniunintentionally comic scenes. A decently written film, which is slow moving and has a great human element to it's plot. Though the film itself is extremely outdated today, it still makes entertaining viewing.

Frdric I (ru) wrote: Un mlo qui interroge sur les genres de vie (bourgeoise, artiste,...) et sur la sincrit des sentiments. Une belle histoire qui tire sa force des caractres et des interprtations de Sinatra et Maclaine. Un Minenelli sans chanson reste un grand Minnelli.