The Count

The Count

The tailor's handyman (Chaplin) burns a count's trousers while ironing them and is fired. His superior discovers a note explaining the count can't attend a party, and dresses up like one to take his place. Chaplin also goes to the residence hosting the party, but runs into the tailor. They both then struggle to win the fair maiden, Miss Moneybags. Soon, Charlie is distracted by a gypsy girl and the tailor must fend off other suitors. The real Count finally arrives, learns of the imposters and calls the police.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:24 minutes
  • Release:1916
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   party,   deception,  

Charlie burns a count's trousers while ironing them and is fired. The tailor finds an invitation to dinner at Miss Moneybags and goes in place of the count. Charlie goes to the kitchen of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna N (br) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

AW C (us) wrote: A cute movie with surprising depth of theme and character.

Martin T (de) wrote: Not as purely an ethnographic study as Nanook of the North, whose director Robert Flaherty had significant input on the film (which started as a co-directorship). Nor is it simply a romance with an exotic, exploitative twist like Legong. It incorporates both these aspects but transcends them, and the end result is a work that's beautifully shot, poetically structured, and has a compelling narrative. And the entirely non-professional cast is impressive as well.

Nitha K (ca) wrote: the only thing worth watching in this movie is its slapstick comedy..

Wayne K (ca) wrote: A film that split audiences when it was released had a very similar effect on myself. To begin with I was very optimistic, witnessing an opening that suggests the film intends to analyse the mind of one who has endured prolonged systematic abuse, the effects it has on their current life, the interactions with people around them, a true friend who tries to understand them and help them cope with what they've been through and still have to face on the road to recovery. It has potential, and may have been very interesting, but when I was subjected to a series of jump scares, gory deaths and that classic movie trope of imagining something horrible is happening only to discover it's a dream, my optimism sagged. It's elevated somewhat by a powerful lead performance and some of the most convincing make up I've ever seen in a film. But like The Human Centipede, it takes a premise that's silly but strangely plausible and suffocates it under a blanket of unpleasant images and ceaseless violence. But while Centipede was an equal opportunities gore-fest, here the brutality is doled out solely on the female, giving the film a strong air of misogyny that makes things more than a little uncomfortable. The spiritual philosophies in the movie are poorly explored and simply don't justify the last half hour, which looks it was filmed by a real life torture murderer. The camerawork is often clumsy and characterisation is virtually non-existent. I wouldn't watch it again & I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Expect maybe someone I didn't like very much.

Vivienne (nl) wrote: Thought provoking, funny, heartbreaking -Outstanding performances by Graham Greene & Eric Schweig, One of Chris Eyre's best. Brilliant

Mloy X (au) wrote: Holy cow, this was God awful..... how did this get the green light? A total suck-fest! The plot was laughable, the "acting" was shallow, especially from Bruno Campos (I mean seriously hammy), the characters were unoriginal nd completely one-dimensional. I do give this film 1 star for the kid who played "Sal", he was a cutie-pie and was the least annoying character. This film sucked so badly that there isn't even any memorable quotes to quote from imdb..... geez......

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Lloyd C (ru) wrote: Good film, wonderful performances, but the key here is a single movement piano concerto written for the film by the great Bernard Herrmann

Matt C (kr) wrote: Watched this by accident, had some cheap funny moments. Best part it had John C Mcginley in it! Love that actor.

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Onie S (nl) wrote: I liked this movie, although I'm not crazy about it. It was a letdown after watching First Contact. It's beautifully shot, there's some good acting in it, and it has some humour as well. It's just didn't live up to what it should have been.

Serge L (jp) wrote: Ado film. I did not like the narration by our heroine throughout the film. Story is good to follow though and knowing you'll die soon is always dramatic. Very annoying that it happens to children.