The Count Of Monte Cristo

The Count Of Monte Cristo

Edmond Dantés's life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes are shattered when his best friend, Fernand, deceives him. After spending 13 miserable years in prison, Dantés escapes with the help of a fellow inmate and plots his revenge, cleverly insinuating himself into the French nobility.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a 2002 adventure drama film adapted from the book of the same name written by Alexandre Dumas. Sentenced to life on the remote island prison because of his jealous "friend", he decides to escape and plan for revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn M (us) wrote: This was pretty weak. Story was a bit weird, and a bit of a cliche. Single mom on hard times moves bitter daughter to a not so nice house and then is never around so they argue blah blah blah. and the neighbour is a killer. yawn

Jason T (fr) wrote: A few laughs here and there with a cute story but the movie is predictable and not memorable. It's average.

Mark O (de) wrote: a movie about black metal and church burnings.. brilliant! wish there were more documentaries like this!

Russ B (gb) wrote: 1/12/2017: A pretty decent prequel. The story was interesting and the action was good. And Rhona!!

Lauryn M (es) wrote: it was kinda a hot movie the guy could have been hotter but it was ok.

Robby R (ag) wrote: Cassavetes' characters are as crazy as ever in this hard-to-see film about chaotic love. Seems a little derivative, but the craziness on display is refreshing. Gotta see it again.

Joel A (br) wrote: A very dark, twisted story of a rapist killer who has Clint Eastwood hard on his tail.This hard a much darker feel to it than usual not just the subject matter but the physical look of the film.It lacks a little but kicks into in the final parts by no means a stand out Clint maybe due to himnot directing it...a few nice scenes in New Orleans no masterpiece.