The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog

The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog

A boy and his sled dog against the elements.

A boy and his sled dog against the elements. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Courage of Kavik, the Wolf Dog torrent reviews

Amanda H (jp) wrote: Meh. Could have been better.

Kristyan F (gb) wrote: The "Connor's War" flick is better than I've thought its movie could be. I would rate higher even some part of the missing pieces is present. It's just that movie, because French - Immortal. It's the Sin City meets up the Match-box, the two evenly very similarities. It's also just like that; it's the game of sci-fi can come true.

Shannon M (kr) wrote: I actually love this movie. Spike Lee was ahead of his time when he produced this movie. I think the story line was great. Sexy and Funny!

Ted W (gb) wrote: Micheal j fox is back for stuart little 2. The first movie is amazing but now George and stuart are now getting along better so it's a better adventure. A new character is here and it's a bird named margalo and she's awesome. Another great stuart little movie.

Phani T (jp) wrote: One of the best mindf**ks I saw. Had to go back over a few scenes to get the flow. Inception is so easy. The game in a game in a game thing is so confusing, to the characters and to you it becomes difficult to differentiate the games. It should be more easy with dreams but Nolan didn't pull it off as well as this does.Shutter Island is probably the only other movie I can think of that is as intriguing. Great watch.

Wu Y (us) wrote: strong in form,impressive

Jeff Z (ca) wrote: Very close to the best of the Road movies. Great songs, bits and a terrific pace.

Abe R (de) wrote: Might play better to a Korean audience who do not understand English. The American actors here are so bad it brings the movie down whenever they are onscreen.

Reuben M (it) wrote: I'll admit it; I almost couldn't get through 3 WOMEN. When I reached a point where I was sure it was 90 minutes into the film, I put it on pause, and saw that I had only seen 45 minutes. It is monumentally slow-moving. It is also intensely creepy, and after that initial 45 minutes or so, it began to work on me. Not in an altogether pleasant way, but it was very effective nonetheless.3 WOMEN introduces us to mostly to 2 women. We meet Pinky Rose (Sissy Spacek, only a year after CARRIE), a new nurse coming to work at a strange, dusty, underpopulated Southern California town in an old-folks convalescence home of some sort. There she meets Millie (Shelly Duvall), an experienced nurse assigned to show her the ropes. Pinky is delighted to be attached to Millie, because she has clearly taken a deep and intense interest in Millie. Millie talks almost non-stop and we see early on that she has alienated almost everyone around her with her incessant chatter and her self-delusion. She fancies herself a bit of party animal, a gal-about-town. In fact, everyone avoids her and all of the "dates" she thinks she might have never materialize. She's one of these people (we've all met them) who we feel sorry for, yet are so irritating to be around, we just hope someone else will befriend them. Pinky, however, sees none of that. She's from a small Texas town and is so deeply nave that she clings to the "worldly" Millie and idolizes her. And slowly, she begins to obsess over her. And she pries into Millie's private life.This doesn't sound all that interesting, and in many ways, it isn't. But writer/director Robert Altman is taking these two ladies on a strange psychological journey. What I've described is just the beginning. I don't want to tell you more, because it's all a bit open to interpretation, and if you decide to take the sometimes grueling journey that is 3 WOMEN, you should interpret for yourself. But one easy, even glib, description that comes to mind is to call the film an "artsy SINGLE WHITE FEMALE."The film is full of Altman touches, particularly the improvised style of dialogue and the overlapping conversations. It is in these overlapping voices that we hear the mockery which most people shower directly on Millie. Millie is so eager for acceptance, to have even a hint that the life she imagines for herself is true, that she willingly endures derision in the hope of breaking through. I have to admit that I've never been a huge Shelley Duvall fan, but this is the best performance I've seen by her. She manages, at various times, to be touching, sad, laughable, irritating, competent, crazy. Altman often gives his female stars some really meaty roles to chew on, and he really did here. Spacek is also quite captivating. It's amazing she was ever able to break out of the crazy, nave girl role after this film and CARRIE. She fits it to a tee...but as the film progresses, Pinky's character undergoes some unexpected transformations, and Spacek handles it all with ease.I watched the Criterion Blu-Ray, and the picture quality was excellent. Filmed in the late `70s, the film has that unmistakable look of that era...a color palette that wants to be gritty and realistic and still retain some of the richness of Technicolor. The Blu-ray gets all that perfectly. The sound mix was excellent, but I have to say that the score for this film was literally the most annoying ever. I know that's not much of a useful comment, but I think my ears are still ringing from being stabbed by those awful sounds. The extras on the Blu-ray are a little skimpy, in my opinion, especially for a relatively modern film. There's a sparse commentary from Altman (which I only listened to pieces of), a brief essay that sheds little light on the film, and some trailers & stills. I would have LOVED to have heard a commentary from Duvall & Spacek.It's hard to recommend this film. It moves slowly and it's very internalized. But a viewer with some patience may find some creepy rewards in watching the relationship between these two women (in two really fine performances) grow in unexpected and disquieting ways.

Hayden L (es) wrote: Though the special effects as always with Harryhausen are the very best, story wise it really isn't all that good. The story is too weak to make a good film, the only reason that it would be recommended are for its special effects.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: A very good old fashioned adventure movie--Quaint!!

Robbie V (ca) wrote: Amiable but unconvincing. Oddly condones bribery.

Gus S (de) wrote: Because Voyage to Uranus didn't have the marketing appeal they wanted. Not a bad little space adventure filmed on the downward slope of John Agar's career, but it plays out like a typical Star Trek episode. There is some obvious stolen footage for the effects shots but the stop-motion rat creature bumps this movie up a little.