The Courage to Love

The Courage to Love

In 19th century New Orleans creole Henriette must choose between love and devotion to the church. Neither choice is going to be easy, as there is great opposition to her ideas of breaking traditions.

In 19th century New Orleans creole Henriette must choose between love and devotion to the church. Neither choice is going to be easy, as there is great opposition to her ideas of breaking traditions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (de) wrote: Masterful documentary filmmaking that explores human stories of real people in search of acceptance.Judgement is simply falsely entitled ignorance put into practice without any understanding or compassion, and that fact is propped up and put on display with no frills or romance. This is honest and real, and your heart breaks for them.This is a special film. It's incredible.

Shane C (us) wrote: not very good at all and disgusting in parts of it

Dave J (es) wrote: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 (2012) Collaborator PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA/ THRILLER Written, directed and starred by Martin Donovan centering on a situation, he plays screenplay writer Robert Longfellow who upon coming home to visit his mother for reasons unclear. But for the first 30 or 40 minutes into the film Robert revaluate old times including a publicized widowed actress who he still has feelings for. And then his neighbor Gus (David Morse) who lives across the street from him takes him hostage. I liked the bonding scenes when Robert converses with Gus about how to become a successful screenwriter, but the ending is a real downer which the center character leaves viewers somewhat wanting to know more. 2 out of 4 stars

Claudine J (us) wrote: I'm trying to imagine a sort of 'holier-than-thou' reverse-type review of this film, in which every single thing that any character does is held up to a moral scrutiny--like the Ten Commandments, say--and so it ends up flopping so badly that all the copies should be tossed into a vat of acid or something. And then I wake up and realize this is a very good film. Truly. All you folks who are feeling righteous and ready to, like, throw stones or the like, can just go ahead. Remember, we can get this film on Netflix if we want to. It would so work on the small screen. Two big thumbs up!

Art S (us) wrote: Even-handed review of the Polanski statutory rape case that manages to make relatively clear the legal shenanigans that have been involved while also making it clear that the director was guilty. Just taking one look at the school photo of the 13-year-girl makes you realize how wrong he was - so young. I don't think it mitigates things to ponder the fact that Polanski's parents died in the Holocaust and his wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the Manson family. In archive interviews, Polanski himself seems to brush off the seriousness of the charges, as did the French, who received him when he fled the US. However, this documentary does make it clear just how much Polanski was jerked around by the judge, a publicity-seeking knob (as suggested by both prosecution and defense lawyers in interviews), and why he decided to escape to avoid any further complications in the case and its resolution. I didn't realize that the film was 8 years ago and therefore omits the most recent moves by the U. S. to extradite Polanski again and their unwillingness to allow him to wrap things up with "time served" as even the victim and her family now think should happen. I'm of two minds - 42 days isn't much of a sentence (the time he actually spent in prison) - but 40 years in exile might be. As a parent (albeit of boys), it is hard not to see the ugly side of things and hard not to doubt the complicity of the victim at the time. All told, this is a lot of talking heads to watch but director Marina Zenovich keeps things interesting.

John C (nl) wrote: The greatest documentary about a band overcoming both internal and external adversity, "Some Kind of Monster" demands to be seen, even by non-advocates of Metallica. It is a testament on pressure and how our true colors show during it.

Diandra R (us) wrote: Very odd, very unique. Great cast and lighting, horrible horrible score. Some things are confusing and unsatisfying, but the atmosphere is powerful

Justin B (kr) wrote: Downgraded remake of a movie that was only so-so to begin with.

Charlo P (us) wrote: beau,drle et triste

Loris R (nl) wrote: If Woody Allen ever made a superhero spoof, it would have been something like this little gem of Italian animation. The strange thing is that this movie was produced before Woody Allen became famous.

David S (ag) wrote: Interminable tale of an heiress' exploration of a man's motivation behind his hang-ups with, you know, wanting to kill people. Some of it plays like Rebecca, but dull.

David J (de) wrote: An ordinary film by today's standards. However, in 1939 the German film market was so important to the Hollywood studios, not one criticized Nazis. Warner Bros. took on this taboo subject with an Edward G Robinson vehicle. A fictional expos about German spies infiltrating America prior to the US entering World War II in 1942.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: What made this work for me is that they took a somewhat silly idea and ran with it, taking it seriously as they did. Like 'Misery', it's clever writing as the audience knows the idea is crazy as do the adults in the film, but the young cadets don't give in and in doing so come to learn lessons about power and responsibility, not to mention being a child in an adult world. It was far better than I expected, and Sean Penn was a standout. Recommended.

Jennifer R (br) wrote: It was ok, hard to really get into.