The Crawling Hand

The Crawling Hand

After an astronaut space capsule is detonated in orbit, a teenager finds a severed arm among wreckage on earth. Soon the thing returns to life to murder and posses the young man's mind.

The hand of a dead astronaut comes crawling back from the grave to strangle the living . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darrin C (us) wrote: A slightly weaker sequel, but I give points for immediate continuation and newer story. This franchise could easily turn into a really successful series if producers played it right, but they probably won't.

Godwin G (au) wrote: A lot more entertaining than expected.

Jen K (de) wrote: I like! How come I hadn't heard of it until just now? The sort of buddy film I can really get into.

MarieNolle D (it) wrote: This is a terrible movie.... That's bad for the talent: Stiller, de Niro, Hoffman..! Won't buy it or rewatch it!!

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Quite the unknown little treasure of the late 90s ... A deep yet tangible thriller and surreal imagining capturing a supernatural conundrum.Toby Stephens as a sceptical, photographer suffering from the loss of a loved one compels while classical renditions of music equally chill, as a result of ominous,nightmarish realisations.

Bruce A (ca) wrote: Really, really funny.

Doron S (br) wrote: This was a pretty goof movie, entertaining, suspenseful and well acted. My only issue, and it's a important, is why did they have to bring him back for a final scare. This isn't a horror film, it lowered my respect for the film, for taking a cheap thrill.

Huw G (ca) wrote: Above average B-movie Ausploitation horror.

Russ B (it) wrote: 1/22/2016/ Meh. Nothing all that great or interesting.

Robert G (de) wrote: Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole both are at their all-time best, better yet in the same movie.

Joseph B (kr) wrote: All I can say is there is one moment of true humiliating honesty that would work in your favor if you ever had the balls to say it to the girl it happened with.

Plain C (au) wrote: Pam where's Jim??? LeL yeah pretty funny end of the world alien apocalaypse film. Evolution, Faculty Slither are all in the same box. bet they all came out at the same similar times. I'm going to check now. Slither was a bit OTT but was still enjoyables.

Scott C (ag) wrote: I remember this movie getting an absurd amount of attention back in the day. It was very good, but perhaps disappointed some people because it was so overrated.