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Auteur à succès, Darius voit des affiches annonçant sa nouvelle pièce. Soudain pris de panique, il se rappelle qu'il a oublié de l'écrire... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(au) wrote: quite good S'porean art film!

Adam T (de) wrote: Jessica Raine plays Verity Lambert in this nostalgic and warm-hearted film about the creation of Dr Who in the early '60s.

curtis w (ru) wrote: sweeet i would do that to if i could lol, or if i had a democratic government

Jens L (mx) wrote: Ok...after that it's pretty clear that Robert Rodriguez got some serious mental problems...and it's obvious he only masters one kind of dance...which starts to get boring...its just too much of everything...but even if I don't worship this I can appreciate it in my personal way

James F (ru) wrote: In my top 5, so well written from these two, Robin Williams is amazing, hits every sense.

Kasey C (ca) wrote: The Fortune Cookie. Another movie featuring one of the best duos in film history, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Lemmon alone is always a force to be reckoned with but accompanied closely by Matthau and you have golden cinema, and this movie is no different. Great story and funny the whole way through. A few solid characters and some other more shallow ones but an incredibly entertaining movie nonetheless. It's not the most original and it has a less than satisfying ending, but it flashed by in what seemed like minutes and left me craving more of the duo. Not a "classic" but definitely classic Lemmon/Matthau. 7.5/10

Raji K (kr) wrote: After driving into a flowerbed, it becomes clear that Mrs. Daisy (Jessica Tandy) is no longer able to drive herself, and is in need of a chauffeur. Enlisted is going on 70 years of age himself Hoke is hired to drive this crusty old lady around. Set in the time of the beginning of racial equality, Driving Mrs. Daisy is a movie that does an excellent job of capturing a slice of life from that time period. It does not try to embellish, exaggerate any aspect of the time period, life or the characters themselves, but instead does its best to depict the actual possible relationship of two individuals who could not be more different, but eventually bond. Solid performances keep this otherwise mellow film afoot, but I credit this film for sticking to the strength the budding relationship between the two characters.

Arash B (gb) wrote: Another bizzare & over-the-top nightmarish ride by Ken Russell, Explores the main characters' psyches in an intriguing way and the film's campy style makes it more enjoyable

James C (nl) wrote: psychedelic villian is persistently brilliant

Anthony B (au) wrote: Toula is a woman living her life in Chicago. Toula's family is Greek, but most importantly, they are very close to each other. Even her aunts and uncles are always around them. Toula's father wants her to finally meet a man. Not just any man, but a nice Greek man. Someone who is like the rest of their family/culture. Toula starts dating a non-Greek named Ian. Her father is very upset and tries to set her up with other Greek men through dinners at his house. Her whole family realizes that she is happy with Ian, so they decide that they need to accept that Ian will soon be a part of the family. When Ian and Toula get married is when the families start to except each other more and they learn to love. At the end, Toula and Ian move in right next door to Toula's parent's home in Chicago. This movie is a great family movie that is filled with good clean fun. This movie shows what families are like in different cultures