The Cremaster Cycle

The Cremaster Cycle


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English,Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Cremaster Cycle torrent reviews

Trey M (gb) wrote: Horribly lame remake. Never should;ve been made. Depp at his most annoying. Awful choice to use Wacko Pervo Jacko as the source for his Wonka.

Brian T (es) wrote: sorry....only like the song

Naoya K (ca) wrote: A first-class action suspense from Hong Kong made almost a half decade before "The Infernal Affairs" was made. Johnnie To gets into his prime time with this film and "Hero Never Dies," which was made right a year before this one. Simply speaking, To's films, especially this one, skip meaningless introduction and character establishment and start with the moment something has happened or is happening. In other words, it's climax throughout the film, from beginning to end, in his films. Music heightens the tense. Also, he doesn't let characters speak too much - He knows what they do talks much more to us audiences than what they say. The process Andy Lau character and Ching-Wan Lau character find a certain degree of friendship and in which the heroin played by Yo-Yo Mung and Andy Lau character fall in love to each other represent To's style very well. Comical scenes inserted between the scenes very suspenseful work great in the film too (especially the relationship between Ching-Wan Lau character and Suet Lam character). Besides To's direction, Andy Lau and Ching-Wan Lau, one of To's favorites, give such great performances. One thing makes me grade down this film is Andy Lau in drag, and nobody can tell it's a man. Editing (meaningless fast-mo's) in some parts is distracting, too.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: Its quite a creepy and surprisingly well made horror film

Ryan O (fr) wrote: Sadistic, and yet entertaining, Scarface showcases the American Dream that every one wants to live, it's what brings people like Tony Montana to this country. Only Tony actually had the guts to take it, and most Americans don't. Pacino does a great job in this so does Steven Bauer. "What's coming to you?""The world chico. And everything in it."

Stephen M (us) wrote: Black Belly of the Tarantula is an above-average giallo, nicely shot and edited and solidly entertaining from start to finish. What really sets it apart though is the unusually strong cast list, headed by a young Giancarlo Giannini as the police inspector hunting down the obligatory serial slasher of beautiful young women; Stefania Sandrelli plays his wife. Genre fans will recognise Rossella Falk, and anyone who's seen The House with Laughing Windows will have had a hard time trying to forget Eugene Walter. The film also features not one but two Bond Girls: Claudine Auger (Thunderball) and Barbara Bach (The Spy Who Loved Me) - three if you count Barbara Bouchet, who played Miss Moneypenny in the original Casino Royale!

Michael T (it) wrote: A thriller regarding an psychotic extortionist who threatens bank teller Lee Remick and her younger sister (A very young Stephanie Powers). Glen Ford plays the FBI agent who tries to track down this killer through the B&W Film Noir landscape of San Franisco. Blake Edwards is better known today for his comedies (and for the 'Pink Panther' film series) but he was just starting out here and directed a pretty firt-rate and atmospheric film. The plot hinges on tracing the killer to various pay phones-if they tried to update it and remake it now everyone would have cells.

Manch F (nl) wrote: Come on, shake your body baby, do the Konga.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: The Alaska stuff is a nice aspect in a routine crime noir--Remarkably good considering the very small budget!!

nick n (ag) wrote: terrible movie. Thats it

jason a (gb) wrote: This movie started out very slow and boring but as it went on my eyes were glued to the TV