The Crooked Way

The Crooked Way

A war veteran suffering from amnesia, returns to Los Angeles from a San Francisco veterans hospital hoping to learn who he is and discovers his criminal past.

War hero recovers from amnesia & is confronted by his criminal past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scottt F (ru) wrote: Interesting doc about synthesizers, but there are problems. It's a long slog -- and there's mention of a four-hour cut in the credits, god forbid -- and too little is spent on how the tool has been used, perhaps because they have the rights to virtually no music. The guy who scored the film also produced and co-wrote. There's too industry involvement in the picture, which greatly impacts its objectiveness. A must for those with keen interest in the subject, but everyone else can skip it.

joe m (fr) wrote: not the worst film of this kind you'll see but pretty close. Another of those "real" footage horror films that has much less going on than similar style films, it never really gets going and the end is hust very confusing. avoid, there are better films in the genre

Carlos M (ca) wrote: Niney is outstanding, but in a weak biopic that fails to extract any meaning from the character's life story, and it has a climax conceived to give us viewers the illusion of a satisfying conclusion when in fact it only makes evident the lack of direction and resolution.

Caesar M (br) wrote: I give a lot praised to director Johnnie To as he personally a favorite of mine for his style, direction, and creative story telling. While I?m familiar with his work in the action genre, he proves once again he can tackle other genre with the same level of greatness. Mad Detective is about rookie cop teams up with a former detective with a supernatural gift to hunt down a serial killer. During the viewing of Mad Detective its protagonist, Inspector Chan, was more interesting than I expected. He`s an unusual detective and unlike anyone I've seen before. He has some unusual methods to solving cases as he has a gift for seeing a person inner personality. This is effectively use throughout the since we see what this character is physically seeing, but it does get tedious and overused throughout its length. The story is well written, though the case is not as interesting characters themselves. As I've come to expect in Johnnie To movies, the female characters don't have a big impact on the story. While it's certainly an improvement that the female characters help us learn about our main character unlike To other movies, they don't have much of an impact on the story. The character themselves are interesting through Chan point of view as we get as it adds another dimension to these character who don't all appear as they look. As much as I liked the character of inspector Chan, some will find him unrealistic. One notable example include Chan cutting his ear and giving it to his retiring boss as a gift. Its story driven by interesting that help move the movie forward. Even if the case is not as interesting as our characters, they help overlook that flaw. To direction is spot on as usual with him always bringing the highest level of direction in his movie. The cast is terrific, especially Sean Lau Ching-Wan as Inspector Chan who brings brings a lot energy into the movie and character he portrays. He's easily, in my opinion, the best and most interesting of the cast. You do get to see some familiar faces if you've seen To other work, but thankfully he worked with other actors to prevent repetition. The climax of Mad Detective has easily has the best cinematography in the whole movie and its impressive in the way it's filmed. Mad Detective has interesting characters that save movie from it boring case and not so interesting case. Mad Detective is certainly not for everyone, but it?s worth a watch for Sean Lau Ching-Wan performance and portrayal of Inspector Chan.

sH3y G (es) wrote: great movie. has some of the most interesting undertaker matches ever. :)

Marquita H (it) wrote: Saw it bck thn and couldnt forget it. Saw it recently and I still love it. Easily, in my top 3. Easily.

Mickey M (nl) wrote: Two cops (Ice-T and Judd Nelson) are on the hunt for a ruthless drug lord (Wesley Snipes), who is slowly taking over the New York City when he introduces crack cocaine to the city's drug addicted population. They go undercover on their own when the budget for their Task Force is cut for a short period. This movie has some of the best acting I've seen in a long time. Nelson, Ice-T and especially Snipes are great in their roles. Mario Van Peebles, who also directed "New Jack City", wasn't in the film that much, but his performance is just as good. Speaking of Peebles -- his direction was just as good as the performances of his cast. He used light and shadow to the movie's advantage quite well. He also used NYC just as well as he used the gritiest locations available to him to help show the world of a drug addict on quite possibly the most dangerous drug on the streets today. Another well done part of the movie is the makeup. You actually can believe the addicts are seriously having problems by just looking at them. There are a few characters who are not well developed, but they do help in advancing the story. In my opinion, the characters of the old man (Bill Cobbs) and the girlfriend of the drug lord (Vanessa Williams) should have been expanded upon a bit more. Let me warn you on a point or two. There is a lot of gun-play in this movie, as well as a lot of blood. This movie is not for those who can't handle graphic, violent scenes or children. This movie is pretty much for adults. The language is also of a frank nature. It also depicts crack cocaine use. The message to the movie is as relevant today as it was when this movie was in theaters. It gives a realistic look at the world of a drug addict through the eyes of the pushers and the cops trying to put them behind bars. If you want a good movie with a message, and don't mind graphic scenes of a violent nature, then "New Jack City" should be on your Must See List.

James J (es) wrote: Ugh, at points this is just so bad it's good. I guess I just don't understand where all the praise is coming from. It's just so ridiculously bad that it's funny sometimes, as opposed to being so ridiculously bad that it's making a point. I suppose I don't understand John Waters' genius through this.

Wes S (ru) wrote: Overall a bland slow story with stale acting and uninteresting characters. The plot goes no where, although somehow ends up satisfying. There are some entertaining moments, but nothing too memorable.

Luke H (ca) wrote: a bunch of bundling spy's are sent on a mission to recover some stolen documents

Simon D (gb) wrote: I haven't seen a Harold Lloyd film since I was a kid so it was nice to revisit 30 years later. I think I just took it for granted when, every time we watched one, my Dad pointed out that he did all his own stunts. Now I can appreciate that, particularly in this film in which he is hanging off a high-rise building by his fingertips.