The Crow: Purgatory 2

The Crow: Purgatory 2

Raphael continues his journey in search of his soul mate, Alexis by battling through angels and demons in order to fulfill his prophecy as Heaven's Assassin and Hell's Bounty Hunter.

Raphael continues his journey in search of his soul mate, Alexis by battling through angels and demons in order to fulfill his prophecy as Heaven's Assassin and Hell's Bounty Hunter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Crow: Purgatory 2 torrent reviews

Pelle F (mx) wrote: Var kameramannen FULL? Vinglade och for genom hela filmen? USEL produktion. Synd...

Filippo V (jp) wrote: Diretto con uno stile unico, L'alba del pianeta delle scimmie pone delle solide basi per creare un franchise che promette molte sorprese. Grazie ad una trama molto lineare il film non annoia mai e propone sempre nuovi sviluppi, in un crescendo di emozioni ed azione che coinvolge chiunque con facilit. Nonostante il film sia gi uscito da 5 anni gli effetti speciali della computer grafica sono molto buoni ed esprimono con molto realismo il linguaggio del corpo dei primati. Il film presenta sporadiche incongruenze e personaggi leggermente scontati, ma nessuno di questi due aspetti intaccano la qualit generale della narrazione: il reboot della famosa serie cinematografica inizia in modo molto convincente.

Wes M (de) wrote: David Arquette is so cute! And I like him so much

HungYa L (au) wrote: Really love Snow Cake. Alan Rickman seems to be a perfect choice for the role, who in the beginning looks passive just about everything, and then visiting the mother of the girl died in a car accident and that changed him somehow by spending time with the mother with autism and the neighbour Maggie.

Karin H (it) wrote: I liked the background with the dying communism, but it could use much more suspense and action: it was very slow. Also the bad acting and some bullsh*t moments ruined it for me.

Will N (es) wrote: A Canadian film celebrating the beauty and vitality of older women. Karen Black, Susan Strasberg, Alexandra Stewart and the sexy Helen Shaver offer convincing performances as the older women in Hungarian-immigrant Andras Vayda's life. Tom Berenger does his best as Andras despite being a few years older than the character.

Fagatron P (it) wrote: Love this film. With lines like, "why don't you go and jerk yourself a soda?" What's not to love about the film? Maybe the story, oh yeah Warren too.

Jeffrey N (fr) wrote: Dead Ringers is amazing! not good, not great, nor "ok", its amazing! David Cronenberg brings the dark side and horrors of the unfamiliar and apparent trusty medical field to life in the 1988 classic "Dead Ringers" starring Academy Award winner, Jeremy Irons and the personal suprise performance produced by Genevieve Bujold. The movie is a little underrated, but all in all, I give it a 8/10 personally!

Mithun G (es) wrote: Aing ??? Porno posing as an art film. Tsk tsk. Gimme Dumont or Breillat anyday over this swill.

Jenna I (ru) wrote: Couldn't finish this, Jane Fonda is just too much of a fake male fantasy for me to bear. She was clearly in the throws of being Vadim's "Zombie" at this time...

Matti K (us) wrote: Jimmy Sangsterin ohjaama "Lust for a Vampire" on Hammer-yhtioiden Karnstein-trilogian toinen osa. Elokuvan tapahtumat sijoittuvat parin vuosikymmenen paahan siita mihin "Vampire Lovers" jai. Carmilla-vampyyri heraa henkiin ja ryhtyy talla kertaa piinaamaan sisaoppilaitosta pistaen pasmat sekaisin niin koulun miespuolisilta opettajilta kuin kauniita naisopiskelijoitakin.Vuonna 1971 valmistunut elokuva luottaa jalleen vampyyrikauhun ja pehmoerotiikan fuusioon, mutta kokonaisuus ei ehka ylla aivan yhta tunnelmallinen ja vaikuttava kuin edeltajansa tapauksessa. Kohtalaisen viihdyttava tits'n'teeth -genren edustajai se joka tapauksessa on."Lust for a Vampire" tehtiin osin samalla nayttelijakaartilla kuin "Vampire Loverskin", tosin ensimmaisessa elokuvassa Carmilla/Mircallaa esittaneen Ingrid Pittin avokaulaista pukua sovittelee talla kertaa ylleen tanskalaissyntyinen Yutte Stensgaard, eika Peter Cushing ole mukana lainkaan.

Cheybaby x (ag) wrote: very intresting movie!

Vincent P (fr) wrote: All the elements were there. It could've been great. It was not.Has its moments (when the monsters are actually on screen) but largely, it's as dull as the dirt it takes place in.And the Dark Continent subtitle makes no damn sense.

Marcus M (nl) wrote: Shuya Chang is a gangster :)