The Crumbs - A Very Crumby Christmas

The Crumbs - A Very Crumby Christmas


Drengen Krumme tror på julemanden også selvom ingen andre gør det. Og det er der god brug for, for oppe hos julemanden står det helt galt til. Skurkene Ivan og Boris har nemlig fået fat i julebogen, og så kan julemor ikke lave den magiske grød og julemanden kan ikke komme ud med gaver. Heldigvis er familien Krumme snart på sagen, og så kan det jo ikke gå helt galt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ebony C (it) wrote: Just a feel good ,Ovid.

Heather M (jp) wrote: This movie was completely ridiculous. I can't believe that I bothered to watch it.

Floyd S (nl) wrote: I really dug this movie. It is not an action set piece a la "the Matrix." There is no crazy wire work or looney gun fights. Based on a short story by William Gibson, it is a strong character piece about who is conning who. The science fiction elements of the story lie in the circumstances of the plot (two corporate headhunter/kidnappers arrange for the defection of super brainy geneticist from one multinational to another) rather than in super cool gizmos or effects shots. There is no sci-fi eye candy in this movie - truth be told some the effects shots are pretty cheesy, but again that is not what the movie is about. The performances were great and the screenplay is very faithful to Gibson's short story. The movie is a bit of a puzzle and is probably more enjoyable if you know Gibson's story.

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Major Doug L (it) wrote: Great flick, and it's not even my Duke-favorite - I prefer his westerns to his war movies.

Aylin T (mx) wrote: I love Ben from parks and rec, and he can do no wrong, so I'm partial to this movie. Loved it. Its such an adorable love story.

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