The Crush

The Crush

A precocious and obsessive teenager develops a crush on a naive writer with harrowing consequences.

Writer Nick Eliot moves to a new city for a magazine job and rents the guest house of a wealthy couple whose 14-year-old daughter, Adrian, proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anita S (it) wrote: Beautiful story of a family in the 1970s in Hong Kong .

kay r (it) wrote: MYSTIC RIVERWhen someone tells me I should try to be a movie critic, I have my usual excuses-that it's too competitive a field, success would be unlikely, I'm not good enough, etc. I have others such as the reluctance to write within the restraints of canning a movie without revealing what happens, layering the critique with how it was structured, what devices were used or left out, what I thought it meant, how the performances came off and so on. I don't even like to read reviews much anymore, let alone write one. The riveting "Mystic River" has inspired me but I think that what I want to write is not a movie review but an essay of praise.I learned long ago, after seeing "Byrd," that Clint Eastwood's towering talent lies in directing, not acting. I heard Sean Penn say that Eastwood is the only Hollywood Icon he ever worked with that turned out to be the real thing.I am in awe of his directorial prowess. I haven't read any of the reviews but was surrounded by the Four Star buzz, and when I go into a movie expecting it to be great, there is a 90% chance of my having nowhere to go but down. This film fell in that rare 10% slot that delivered rather than disapponted. Like Monster's Ball, it is too visceral for me to be eager for a second viewing. I probably will see it again at some point though, because a) I almost needed a translator for the pungent accents, b) I heard dialogue so mesmerizingly complex that I was either hopping on my toes or spinning out into a dream of my own weaving. Like momentous classical tragedy, it challenges the viewer at every turn.Set in Boston, the story begins with three boys of about ten, playing stick hockey on an urban street. One of them is taken into a car by that lowest of human existence, a pedophile. The movie fast-forwards thirty years with the onset of a new tragedy and from there the drama emerges with relentless intensity. The police/crime story is compelling and taut. The realism is gritty, the story complicated, and the gravity is that of Shakespearian proportions but without his interweaving of comic relief. This is, after all, the twenty-first century.I was gripped by the neck, ripped up one side and down the other, had my heart pulled out, pummeled, and jabbed back inside me with a juicy jolt. I was happy. I do love a hard-hitting work of art!As in most of my favorites, truths of living are exposed. This entails the juxtaposition of good/evil, joy/suffering, sublime/vile, understanding/misunderstanding, humanity/depravity. In this film they are so richly simultaneous that there is no question of our shared human experience. Like the marvelous book Siddhartha, we are an ever-running, ever-changing, ever-volatile river of weakness and righteousness. Not only is nothing really black or white, the gray area is so mercurial and pulsating that it may carry significant flashes of insight and miscalculation, love and hate, surrender and prideful egoism...all within a moment's glance. The river flows on unmitigated. People like to say, "the book is always better." They also say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, the latter applies in the greatest sense. The performances are true, strong, clear and have a conviction that runs concurrent with the integrity of the entire film. Facial expressions carry the weight of entire chapters. Movie fans may exit this movie with the belief that loyalty is the greatest of all virtues. They may then wonder what boundaries loyalty has in the eyes of God or man. They may also wonder--as I do--if the many questions of life are simply too ambiguous to be labeled, understood or answered by mere mortals. Perhaps that "explains" an ending with some things clear while others remain enigmatic. If you go to the movies for special effects, escapism, or warm fuzzies, this is not the ticket for you. If you regard film as experiencing an art form it is a must-see, as Eastwood is an artist of the highest order.

Marina N (ru) wrote: A light romantic tale showing the life of a woman depending on her catching or not catching the underground. The film nicely jumps from one scenario to the other. At the end, it's not a moral statement about lost opportunities or the importance of single seemingly unimportant events. It's just a light play with life paths for the viewer's joy.

CJ C (ag) wrote: Better then I thought it would be. Kinda kinky.

Matthew H (jp) wrote: A slick, fun and gritty genre piece that proves that having a small budget shouldn't stop on-screen quality. Justin Dix is an Aussie filmmaker to watch!

Johnny S (ag) wrote: bruce li is in another title continues "bruce lee" movie. actor bruce li's character is wearing yellow outfit is reminded me of bruce lee's film "game of death" that bruce lee's character is wearing yellow outfit too. awesome of the martial arts movie with the best kung fu moment again and big fighting.

Derrick W (ru) wrote: It was a very good movie.