The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo

September of 1944, a few days before Finland went out of the Second World War. A chained to a rock Finnish sniper-kamikadze Veikko managed to set himself free. Ivan, a captain of the Soviet Army, arrested by the Front Secret Police 'Smersh', has a narrow escape. They are soldiers of the two enemy armies. A Lapp woman Anni gives a shelter to both of them at her farm. For Anni they are not enemies, but just men.

September of 1944, a few days before Finland went out of the Second World War. A chained to a rock Finnish sniper-kamikadze Veikko managed to set himself free. Ivan, a captain of the Soviet... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edgar P (br) wrote: "LORE has too many needless details. Some to set up emotions, scenes, or story, or to put you in place of the horrors of WWII, which is fine. But others that were just unnecessary. The love-hate relationship between the main characters could have made a great story but is completely wasted. Most of the time you are left wondering why the character would behave like this in some situations. However, this film could disappoint some viewers by not maintaining traditional story structure or temporal structure in terms of leaving significant things unsaid and unexplained."

Fred K (fr) wrote: One of my alltime favorite movies--not to everyone's taste but I found it engaging. The directort was a photogrpaher and the backdrops in some scenes give the film a sense of heightened realism and frame the action like a series of paintings...

David R (jp) wrote: A beautiful, tender and REAL love story, very different from the stupid yankee movies.

Matt C (ca) wrote: I've had 24 hours to digest this and I still can't get my head around this movie. It's like 50% the sort of film I'd expect my wife's church to release and 50%...well Rambo. It already feels hideously dated with the references to Kony and Childers' one-man campaign against the war in Uganda but even that isn't it's great weakness. It's just so bizarre, uneven and odd in tone that it's impossible to know how to receive the message or what that message really even is.

Ippei K (ru) wrote: It's definitely interesting but it's not a particularly enjoyable movie. Unless you're into the politics or the history it'll probably bore you. The performances are impressive though, especially Hope Davis as Hilary is uncanny. Would have like a bit more meat in the story but I suppose you can't have everything.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Some bloody parts ...a Yellow Serialkiller only killing good looking girls and enough suspence ! SOMDVD

Vincent O (jp) wrote: The greatest Thai epic ever made and a rival to 'Ong Bak', as the most thrilling entertainment in world cinema. I love this film and the only negative aspect is costly the C.G.I work looked a bit ropey (in the form of explosions etc). Still when you think that just a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster costs more, it's only a small gripe and the rest is the finest martial art, epic drama that I have ever seen. Like 'Braveheart' on speed. Just the perfect film for me and the actors lived the life of primitive villages (for a whole month), just to get a feel for the way of life and to get to grips with heavy weapons they had to train with. Superb!

Elton G (fr) wrote: Although i find it overrated, the first entry in LOTR is still an epic fantasy with impressive special effects and great casting choices.

Crispin T (ag) wrote: bad bad bad movie. Angelina's first movie and it is bad. Nothing happens for a long time.

Robert Y (us) wrote: its weird. watched in Burma lol.

Tay V (de) wrote: I love this film and it is one of the best animated films I have seen in a long time. Too bad Castle of Cagliostro surpasses this movie in my opinion. However, the story was fun and interesting. Mamo, looking like a Looney Tunes reject, was a great threat. The pornographic side in this film is damn zany. Fujiko is indeed hot, but she is interesting as a friend adn flaw for Lupin.

Doug R (kr) wrote: Pretty good movie. Wasn't that funny just enjoyed the story. Didn't hurt that Tea Leoni was in it! Big Jim Carrey fan and he didn't letdown here!

Marshall O (es) wrote: I was born too late but nice to see the boundries broken and destroyed so easily.

Caleb C (jp) wrote: Performances are great, the film itself is lacking, but not bad.

Graeme B (nl) wrote: The premise was cliche, Anthony Hopkins never gets out of first gear and the film maker relies too much on our love of other (and much better executed) movies.The storyline was so depressing i now fear a visit to the doctor!!! Lets just hope better movies remove the misery from memory.A few decent moments, but you will soon put to the back of viewing memory.