The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell

The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell

Mutilation Mile director Ron Atkins directs this apocalyptic shocker tracing Harry Russo's journey to a plague-ridden Los Angeles for a momentous meeting with the enigmatic Terry Hawkins (Manson Family director Jim VanBebber). ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Alejandro S (es) wrote: Aunque no estaba muy bien calificado, igual me di curiosidad ver este filme de horror del sub-gnero "slasher", que es una produccin conjunta entre Inglaterra y Alemania. Me imagino que esa unin fu la que asegur suficiente presupuesto para los efectos especiales, ya que fueron bastante buenos, mucho mejor de lo que hubiera esperado. Las actuaciones son decentes. Y tiene una buena premisa, con un lgico desarrollo de eventos. Sin embargo, aunque todos los elementos son aceptables, no me aport suficiente como para querer volver a verla. No me disgust verla, pero no creo que me motive volver a hacerlo. He visto mejores filmes en la misma linea. Por lo tanto, si alguna vez la ven en el video club y no tienen algo mejor en mente para alquilar, pues tampoco se sentirn estafados si le dan una oportunidad y la ven.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Connor R (au) wrote: Not perfect by any means, but it does enough to merit its place as an effective thriller

Katie W (ag) wrote: Awful acting in an awful attempt at The Thing (the original, good one). Go away.

Felix P (kr) wrote: Franois Ozon with another emphatic movie about role clichs and the struggle for sexual identity. Beautiful.

Karen G (mx) wrote: Worth seeing Morgan Freeman as a "bad guy".

bill s (au) wrote: Judd and Freeman are very good in this otherwise generic thriller.

Billy S (jp) wrote: just watched the great Thrashin'!!! ahhahahaha totally rad...

Roland J (gb) wrote: Great acting by Firth/Everett in this thoughtprovoking if at times too political and academic movie.

Chad R (nl) wrote: Krull will always hold a special place in my heart. Sure, I was an 11 year old boy when it first came out, and watching it now you realize the film is definitely outdated and deserving of a remake. That doesn't change the fact that the characters and premise are super cool and the love story is believable and touching. This movie deserves a much higher rating than the 33% here on RT. Go out and buy a special edition today.

Hemo G (ru) wrote: An underrated movie that even I, as an atheist, found moving and disturbing. Mimi Rogers was utterly believable and the ending gave me the creeps for days.

cuck l (kr) wrote: A trainwreck of a film, filled to bursting with senseless action, surreal non-sequitors, and an "edgy" sense of humour that is adolescent at best. A paper-thin plot that serves only as a vehicle to string the movie along from one violent or lewd scene to the next. The soundtrack is the closest thing to a redeeming factor, however Mike Patton's musical style is best left in the 00's.

Tim M (de) wrote: A wannabe Christopher Guest mockumentary, 'Pitch Perfect' misses when it comes to laughs, but hits when it comes to stereotypical humor and that's not a good thing. Fat jokes, asian jokes, puke jokes, and homophobia jokes don't make for a fun time especially when this movie is a soundtrack. Anna Kendrick shows depth in a movie that has nothing to offer.