The Cuenca Crime

The Cuenca Crime

In 1913, Gregorio Valero Contreras and León Sánchez Gascón, friends and neighbors of Osa de la Vega (Cuenca) are arrested as perpetrators of the death of José María Grimaldos López, shepherd and former teammate. The village accuses them and even Gregorio's wife gathers evidence against them. The two men confess the crime after being tortured. They are judged in 1918 in the Provincial Court of Cuenca and, after modifying the request for capital punishment, they are condemned to eighteen years in prison ...

El 21 de agosto de 1910, en el pueblo de Osa de la Vega, provincia de Cuenca, desaparece el pastor José María Grimaldos... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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