The Cure

The Cure

An alcoholic checks into a health spa and his antics promptly throw the establishment into chaos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Cure torrent reviews

Adam R (es) wrote: Good Christian values, but despite what people are saying the movie has poor production values. It has the feel of a made-for-television movie. I was expecting better. (First and only viewing - 10/8/2014)

Lee B (us) wrote: This isn't going to win any awards for its cinematography or acting but was entertaining and quite funny in places. I also liked the setting, a good effort.

Joan O (au) wrote: sick but funny movie - great for a drinking game

Daniel P (us) wrote: Pretty much the greatest thing that's happened to the zombie apocalypse genre since Romero's 1985, "Day of the Dead." The Battery captures more interesting dramatic human moments in under two hours compared to what AMC's "The Walking Dead" STILL has yet to achieve once in over 6 seasons...

Mohit K (nl) wrote: An amazing movie. Nice work of Abhishek Bachan.

James H (nl) wrote: Pointless crime action movie, brimming with unpleasant and/or shallow characters and situations. The acting is below average, often just silly. A waste of time. Maybe it sounded good on paper...

Ivars L (ca) wrote: OMG A SEQUEL TO CRANK WOOO

Deejay R (es) wrote: Suspense move with a twited ending. Check this movie out if you haven't already.

Chloe A (fr) wrote: 3 1/2 stars! Very enjoyable movie actually! Pretty cute!

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