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The Cure Is U


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Cotton L (br) wrote: Nicely produced and directed. Worth paying for theater tickets. Thanks to cgv.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: A-I think about the late Roger Ebert and how I used to read his film reviews in high school provided by a newspaper/magazine called 'The Entertainer'. He made me the critic I want to be and am today. 'Life Itself' is a heartbreaking look at his life all the way to his passing. It truly is an inspiring film, despite being a little jumbled and tending to lose its main focus. I appreciate the story of the dominating critic that was Roger Ebert. He will still be missed to this day. :'(

Nate (it) wrote: hmm. if its like a haunting in conneticuit then im all for it :p

Jeremy S (au) wrote: Good watch. Very easy to relate to this movie as I have two daughters in the same age range and love Paul Rudd in these type roles.

Manny C (gb) wrote: This haunting and mesmerizing story of love begins rather deceptively as Sandy (Toni Collette), an Australian geologist, bitches to her boss about being tasked with overseeing Hiromitsu (Gotaro Tsunashima), a young Japanese executive who has no patience for anyone who doesn't bow and show a business card. But take him on the town she does, even holding his head when he's puking after an all night karaoke bender. She's even more irritated the next day when Hiromitsu demands she drive him into the Australian outback. Then they get stranded. As they endure the heat and cold the two bond and make peace over stories of her mother and his wife and kids. The two forge a bond that transcends language and culture. And then director Sue Brooks, from a script that sometimes spells it our for you too much by Alison Tilson, unleashes a huge surprise no review should give away.Japanese Story, superbly shot by Ian Baker, is a film you breathe in. Tsunashima is outstanding and Collette turns in one of her finest screen hours, radiating palpable intensity that shakes you. She's the real deal.

Mark James A (br) wrote: ...a very weak exposition for a horror film with such a promising concept. It just turned out to be a turmoil of cheapening gore and reprehensible sleaze.

Jon C (au) wrote: this is a very neat and fun werewolf movie for Nickit's a bit violent and scary for very younger viewers keep that in mindother than that Victoria Justice does an excellent job going from ordinary to a supernatural creature that has no limitationsthe little brother was pretty cool too keeping up a love/hate relationship with his sisterthe mythology of the werewolves is changed up quite a bit, too but not to the extent where they butcher itthey still make it very compelling while altering some elementsthe werewolf suits for most part how can I put this delicately; the 1st suit you can tell is very artificial and maybe they could have improved it but it could have looked much worse if they computer-generated itthe 2nd wolf suit looks 10x better! it looks more real and authenticI also appreciated the fast pace this movie took and it didn't waste any time whatsoeverthe vampires were the last thing I was counting on but I am happy they brought in a new interesting addition to this story otherwise they would have lost me completelythis is another acting vehicle for Victoria Justice to please her fans and bring in horror fanatics! :)

Lisa T (it) wrote: Great western one of his best films.