The Curious Dr. Humpp

The Curious Dr. Humpp

A doctor kidnaps young couples and performs bizarre experiments on them.

This movie is about a doctor who kidnaps people, couples who are having sex. He takes them to his mansion where they are being kept as prisoners. He injects his subjects with a substance to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammad Z (gb) wrote: Another great movie by Annemarie Jacir! This movie does a great job shinning the light on the perspective of a boy from a refugee camp in '67. Highly recommend this movie!

Arif B (nl) wrote: The more I think about this movie, the angrier I get. Meadows - director of the amazing dead mans shoes. Has back stage access to the comeback a whole generation was waiting for. What does he do? Film some fans in black and white. When Reni walks off in Amsterdam does he do anything? Nope, retreats to the hotel and goes away. If this just had the live music - I'd give it a much higher rating - as that is awesome - but this was meant to be a film - and as such it was a total waste of time. Beyond watching them play and a brilliantly excruciating interview there is nothing to see here. The live cd will be amazing if this is anything to go by - but this film gives no insight serves no Document of historical fact. We didn't need 90 minutes of excited fan footage in black and white to know the roses were loved. An aberration of an opportunity.

Shaun K (ca) wrote: A few of the haunted house scenes were cool, but the rest of the movie was lame.

Rose M (us) wrote: A journey into the lives of two brothers tracking down a significant WHITE T. Funny concept, actors delivered. Outside of it being an indie-film, they managed (production) to get very creative with alot of high quality atmospheres to add to the lengthy journey. I may be stretching a tad here.........70% -- no more.

DBrickashaw O (ag) wrote: An intriguing premise that pleases

Kyle M (kr) wrote: The amount of money they used to make this could have been used for something useful. You could feed the poor or help the homeless but instead they wasted all that precious money on a soul-less, CGI, boring, incoherent, clusterfuck of a thing that spends more time showing off the human body, scat humour, racism and wanking off the US military than actually being a good adaptation of the Transformers. Fuck this movie and fuck Michael Bay. Asshole.

Shashwat G (nl) wrote: RV's behaviour totally matches mine to begin with...

Thomas T (ru) wrote: I rented this one expecting to laugh my but off, I mean common: "Yo-yo Girl Cop!?" And get this it's the FOURTH incarnation of this character in Japan! It's actually not as silly as it's title, and if you like japanese martial arts flicks, adn girl power, you'll like this. It also boasts some very good action sequences (and yes at least one good Yo-yo girl vs Evil Yo-yo girl fight) and these make up for some of the scripts awkward flaws. Mostly good special effects good all around acting and a emotionally complex heroine and the sheer novelty of it all make for a good time, along with a message about the importance of friendship too.

David D (mx) wrote: Not the best Eastwood movie.. not by a long shot. but its Eastwood...

Matt C (br) wrote: It's an amazing piece of work this film and to think it was produced for British television is even more astounding. Conventional dramatisation has basically been jetisoned and replaced with docu-drama realism. It perhaps makes it a more difficult watch but given the subject is probably entirely appropriate.

Dig B (br) wrote: boring... boring... boring... boring... *sleeps*

Junliang H (us) wrote: Beautiful scenes and beautiful color. But that's all I remember because I fell into sleep in the middle of it...

Alvin Y (gb) wrote: Pinocchio, not! A stupid romance movie, not! A great movie, yes! I just wanted to see it again after its over, never have I felt something like this in a while!

Frank J (es) wrote: Seen 2 times. Au dbut, a nous prend un peu au dpourvu, tout ce ralisme poignant, cette jolie extravagance qui nous surprend un peu les culottes baisses. Seulement, Betty est tout un phnomne, et bien plus qu'on ne l'imagine. D'autant plus que Zorg s'prend facilement d'elle, avant d'assister, en mme temps que le spectateur, la plus triste des mtamorphoses du monde: celle de la folie. La progression est lente, mais remarquable. On la sent qui gagne toujours un peu de terrain, on la sent qui s'tale sur trois heures de ralisation, on la voit ricaner seule dans son coin. Et on croit que Betty la vaincra. Mais on a tort. Flot de frissons.

Tonya m (jp) wrote: For some strange reason i love this movie .I had it on vhs tape for the longest and then i find it online streaming . i remember watching this movie after coming home from work at 4am , with my mother, great memories...

Dustin R (es) wrote: Jean Rollin lesbian vampire film that starts off with two female clowns and a man in a car chase while shooting guns out of their back window. Lots of nudity and such, but its unlike most exploitation. Very artsy and great cinematography with hardly any dialogue.

Tuomas S (fr) wrote: Tyls ja rasittava eik tss muutenkaan oo oikeastaan mitn sislt.

Adam T (it) wrote: Still an okay movie. Boring sure, but okay.

Ross B (de) wrote: James Fargo directs Clint Eastwood in his first comedy that is just bizarre at points. Eastwood stars as Philo, a bare knuckle boxer who fights in random pickup matches for cash. He is accompanied by his pal orangutan named Clyde. The two live with Philo's mother (Ruth Gordon) and brother Orville (Geoffrey Lewis). When Philo falls for a local country singer Lynn Halsey-Taylor (Sondra Locke) and she suddenly runs away, Philo loads up the can to try and find her. Along the way he seems to piss off a Nazi biker gang and some local off duty officers, who are also chasing him. The film in general is pretty preposterous. Granted Eastwood is one of a select handful of actors in history who could star opposite a monkey and still seem tough. Sadly this was one of Eastwood's most successful ventures yet I am not sure why.. This even spawned a sequel?! In the end, the film is a goofy, harmless comedy that is straight from the 1970s.

Lachlan H (de) wrote: I don't rekon it was as bad as people suggest it is. Aside from the accuracy of events; the love in the movie was genuine and the ending (though horritic in content) was done well.