The Curse of Edgar

The Curse of Edgar

Based on the bestselling novel by Marc Dugain, this original docudrama weaves unique archival footage within a fictional story and sheds a new light on J. Edgar Hoover. This film reveals the FBI director's battle to retain power from the Kennedy clan. From 1960 and 1963, two ideals of America come face to face and two sets of morals clash. Clyde Tolson, Hoover's right-hand man and secret lover, is the last survivor of this psychological drama. He recounts this intense political period when America's destiny has never been as dependent on one of the most powerful and mysterious figures of the time.

Based on the bestselling novel by Marc Dugain, this original docudrama weaves unique archival footage within a fictional story and sheds a new light on J. Edgar Hoover. This film reveals ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khonor A (de) wrote: I love this film so much! It is fun and warm! It has such a good story line and should be awarded with some sort of token xx

Ha H (au) wrote: Though the information that is given is already well known to most people and it seems to only be made to scare people, it is done well enough that you can still watch it and find it interesting.

Alex R (au) wrote: It was okay, not as good as some of the previous ones.

Pascal S (jp) wrote: Film assez putassier et trs rac sur le dbut (le spectateur est men en bateau par des ficelles faciles et grosses comme une maison) de plus sur un des sujet les plus dures qui puissent arriver dans la vie mais finalement les scnes de tortures, plutt suggres que graphiques, n'en sont que plus efficaces. Et le twist final m'a plutt plu personnellement :-)

Alberto Z (us) wrote: I loved this swedish film for the strength of the woman, her yearning for self-expression, her ability to have artistic vision in an era where there was no encouragement,the delicate balance of the relationships and limitation of choices-given the hard realities of money and social constraints. You will find it moving.

Dave S (jp) wrote: Obviously its a badge of honour to get a bad rating from the critics when 85% of the audience liked this. It's passionate. It's real. I loved the movie. People get bothered by the faith aspect, but there's no reason to in this case. It's inspiring here. I showed it to a group of pre-teens and they came away cheering.

Trill F (fr) wrote: james brown in the hot tub. enough said.

Brian J (it) wrote: better than expected!

Joel A (de) wrote: Considered by many critics as the film that birthed the famous New Wave of Cinema regardless of that its an entertaining film dripping of style & unique cinematic invention. The story of a petty criminal who murders a police officer in a moment of rage & finds himself on the run. Inspired by Bogart's Hard-Edge Character he tries to woo a naive Young American Woman.Filled with new camera techniques & clever flowing natural dialogue this was so far away from the Hollywood Formula. A breakthrough film of Jean Luc-Godard & fantastic French Film.

Hiatt N (jp) wrote: This films stands with Rashomon, Tokyo Story, and Seven Samurai as one of the greatest Japanese films ever made. All made within a few years of each other, this 'Golden Age' of Japanese cinema produced countless utter masterpieces, and Ugetsu is no exception. A story of two couples in a time of medieval civil war, a lake journey serves as the turning point in the film, turning it from a simple morality tale into a magnificent parralel of the supernatural and human cowardice. I won't say anything else, although it did remind me of Sunrise: a story of a man failing his wife, with a lake voyage as a turning point. The film is, truly, just incredible.

Oliver N (es) wrote: For all the good reviews, exceptional actors (Philip Seymour-Hoffman's final movie), I was desperate to see if this movie was as great as everybody seemed to think. I'm still waiting for the movie to get going now. I'm sure many critics will argue that the writing was phenominal, acting was good, and it was a 'visually-pleasing' movie, but really the one key ingredient this movie lacked was entertainment. I've seen recent Oscar winning movies (Spotlight and Argo for example) and both of them also bring that level of entertainment to the table too. A Most Wanted Man was trying to be clever; but at the loss actual enjoyment to the viewer.Verdict: C-