The Curse Of Frankenstein

The Curse Of Frankenstein

Baron Victor Frankenstein has discovered life's secret and unleashed a blood-curdling chain of events resulting from his creation: a cursed creature with a horrid face — and a tendency to kill.

After all his family has died, young and rich Baron Victor Frankenstein finds himself a teacher, Paul Krempe. At first, both men are fascinated by the potential of their re-animating experiments. Eventually, though, Krempe refuses to help with Frankenstien';;s human experiments. However, he is drawn back into the plot when Frankenstein';;s creature kills a member of the house staff. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom K (gb) wrote: A somewhat confusing, yet emotional trip through alternate realities as a young woman's deals with incredible grief and loss.

Stanley N (gb) wrote: A 2007 American documentary film directed by Daniel G. Karslake about homosexuality and its perceived conflict with religion, as well as various interpretations of what the Bible says about same-sex sexuality.

Aiyush B (ru) wrote: Worst movie ever. The only reason I watched it was because I was forced to by a friend, also Jiah Khan.

Facebook U (mx) wrote: Army guy say: we did it for you! Yeah right, this line is comic relief. The army is forming psychopaths to become killing machines. Whether they do any good is dubious, especially in Iraq, and other countries. Cruel killing machines is what they become for the group of buddies back from Iraq. The chasm between the war narrative and what they go through and actually do is eating their entrails. Rightfully so, I would say. Excellent performances by all. Hopefully, englishes will stop thinking they are the hero police of the world. Their solutions are worse than the disease. The true story that the film is inspired by, is much more complex. It is still psychopaths killing but would be motivated more. The whole life story of the victim and his dad could be put to screen in a TV serie. The dad went to vietnam and married an asiatic woman, so his story could be rich. His son was bullied in school and in the army. He probably witnessed several war crimes his fellow soldiers did, and maybe he did himself.

Wasim S (jp) wrote: Fantastic mix of laughter and emotion!

Ifty Z (it) wrote: An absolutely spellbinding movie. Its set on a small island in the boondocks, off the shore of Iran on election day. A ballot box is parachuted in by plane and a young, idealistic female election agent arrives to try and get the locals to vote. Assigned to escort her around the island is a big, dull soldier who is uncomfortable about being placed under the orders of a woman and generally cynical about the entire election process. Throughout the movie they move about the island (and in one scene, row off it to a fishing boat) to try and get votes, all the while confronting both deep-rooted gender prejudices and a weary cynicism about the ability of elections to bring about any positive change. Despite running into problem after problem, the election agent refuses to give up.The movie is a commentary, firstly, about how elections by themselves don't bring about change overnight. The scene where they stop at a red light out in the middle of the desert, wasting precious time waiting for the light to change to green until finally the driver remarks, "I thought it had been repaired" comments on the apparent futility of following the rules when the system itself is broken.But its the final scene that provides the key to understanding how the elections also provide hope for real change. The symbolic changing of the guard that occurs at the beginning of the movie suggests an endless cycle where the soldiers swap shifts, but where no real change occurs. But in the final scene, the soldier who has been moved to cast his own ballot for the idealistic election agent decides to stay up for the next shift, suggesting that this cycle can be broken, even if it is a slow process that happens one person at a time.Altogether this is a magnificent movie, with heart, humour, and that rarest of things, wisdom.04/06/2008

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Brandon D (ru) wrote: it was ok, pretty racist, but so is "White Chicks"some funny parts and it was a little boring

Patrick M (br) wrote: this is my fave of the series capt mouser really dumb funny

Graham M (fr) wrote: Cheesy but no worse than a lot of other 1980s horror comedies, and a must see for Jim Carrey fans.

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