The Curse of 'The Omen'

The Curse of 'The Omen'


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The Curse of 'The Omen' torrent reviews

maryam a (kr) wrote: All cheerleaders die

Karen H (nl) wrote: 2015-06-05 a little choppy but pleasant enough

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Maybe one day I'll feel extra open minded enough to watch the entire trilogy and give it my honest opinion in great detail... unfortunately that day is not today.

Jared D (au) wrote: While not as good as the first film, Infernal Affairs II takes a tricky concept (a prequel of events from the first film) and still engages with some fantastic acting and a tense story.

Jonas C (nl) wrote: A bit slow at times but worth it. A beautiful story well told.

Lee M (us) wrote: More than competently mounted, with a hollowness just discernible in its core... feels like the first draft of whatever film Michael Mann set out to make.

Martin D (au) wrote: Well it a very long time ago since I saw this one..and,well not to bad,christopher lee is the best and christian bale is a beter actor and Nicholas pickard.Based on an Astrid Lindgren novel, this fantasy focuses on a Swedish teen drawn into a magical world to battle an evil knight.

John B (kr) wrote: I have no idea what the remake is like and I suspect that it pales in comparison to the original which is wonderful..just wonderful. The ending is absolutely perfect. It borders on corny but somehow Matthau makes it work.

Abb J (nl) wrote: Ejecta: Some of the scares in this low budget "aliens land in the woods" flick are actually good, just not nearly good enough to overcome a lame, nonsensical story. If only the filmmakers had spent as much time on a plot and character development as they did special effects... You will want to "ejecta" this one out of your DVD player long before its ending. C

Noah F (mx) wrote: Under-rated metal-music movie. Rock Star acts like a fictional biopic (despite that it's loosely inspired by a true story of Judas Priest), and the story is every metalhead boy's (like me) dream: becoming the frontman for your all-time favorite rock band.