The Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain

A grieving couple move to a remote Irish village in the wake of their baby daughter's death. They soon take in an orphaned autistic girl, only to become involved in a series of strange occurrences.

A series of strange occurrences that takes place after a couple adopt an orphaned girl makes them begin to believe that Daisy might be something far more malevolent than she seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris A (ru) wrote: An honest and genuine movie that brought with it some great laughs but also posed some good questions about pursuing your dreams. Keegan does a great job of bringing this movie to its full potential.

Brett P (kr) wrote: Hard to follow and a slow pace but visually amazing in a noir style and incredible choreography. Definitely a must see.

Aaron M (ag) wrote: Ok, it appears Ironclad is not being viewed as it is. Ironclad is exactly as the average person reading the synopsis and seeing the trailer would believe it to be, a medieval remake of Seven Samurai/ The Magnificent Seven, which it does in excellent fashion. Now, Seven Samurai is over three hours long and was made fifty years ago a few thousand miles away from where I live and is widely regarded as one of the hallmarks of modern cinema, as I agree it ought to be, and Ironclad is clearly a modern copy of this grand epic. However, Ironclad sports a tremendously unsung cast; the dramatization is superb, the performances by the entire ensemble are fantastic. Paul Giamanti always provides an excellent show, as does Derek Jacobi as always as the Duke of whatever, MacKenzie Crook, finally playing a badass and doing an incredible job, and James Flemyng, who does the noble scoundrel par excellence, and the incredible actor who plays the lord of Rochester Castle who I cannot find at the time, who I believe may be even more unsung than the main character. Kate Mara provides a genius, paradigm-breaking role as the quintessential princess in a tower turned badass; and the entirely underrated James Purefoy, who has given stellar performances in several cult classics who I believe is one of the most underrated actors of our time. Is Ironclad a historical bastardization? Yes. Is it a shameless action movie blatantly ripped off of one of the most modern historical masterpieces? Yes. Are any of these bad qualities? No. If you do not like blood and guts, this is very much not for you. If you don't mind them, and enjoy historical fiction and can take a cheesy scene or two, then this movie has tremendous production quality, and is one of my favorites on a dull evening. Seriously, considering its score of 43% at the time of writing this review, this film is a genuine gem being thrown to the wayside. Allstar performances are given by the entire cast, and so long as you do not try to get some grand moral out of this film, and can enjoy it for the remastery of the greatest film of this century medieval style, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Karlos C (kr) wrote: Im lookin for reviews of this movie! My mom wants me to get it for her.

Living Dead Media (ru) wrote: This movie was not really advertised all that much and I can certainly see why. It is pretty mediocre bu todays standards and offers no real horror. The zombies when they finally make an appearance are good but by the time they make their debut you'll most likely be asleep.

Robert H (ag) wrote: Riding Alone is a great story and told very beautifully.

Lintrell W (mx) wrote: this is the best show

Chris D (it) wrote: 20 Funerals is the latest film to hit DVD from Wilmington, NC filmmaker Anghus Houvouras (Fearsome, Thugs Got Game). It?s the story of a group of cops who -after the death of a fellow officer- decide to use some unconventional methods. Twenty names make up their list of scum that must be removed from the street in order to clean things up. The plan comes with a strong set of rules in order to keep things organised, but some rules are made to be broken. Things begin to turn sour when the cops are inevitably called upon to investigate the cases they?re creating themselves. It?s a clever concept that could easily have been created by the mind of Quinton Tarantino and has some impressive dialog to match. This film is a must see for anyone with a dark sense of humour or love for violence, action, hip-hop, or simply, independent cinema. Being an independent filmmaker myself with many influences and heroes, I know how easy it is to stick nods to personal favourites into a script. Quite often these can come across out of place and character. But in 20 Funerals the writer/director manages to tie in references to pop culture and Greek mythology and use them to the scripts advantage. He is able to add depth and realism to the characters and the world they live in. Clocking in at just less than eighty minutes, the film is a tad on the short side. However apart from adding three of four more funerals, there?s little that could be done with this. The film tells its story in a clear and cool way but does come with a few faults. As mentioned by a previous reviewer the opening sequence doesn?t come across too strong, but this is soon forgiven and forgot when the film sets itself on track. What follows is a set of great performances from the leads, including DJ Naylor, Mark Mench, and the majority of the supporting cast, backed up by a solid Hip-Hop soundtrack, and great visuals. I was hooked from the moment the 20 Funerals plan came into play and stayed gripped throughout. With plenty of plot twists, character developments, and outside party intervention, the film kept me on the edge of my seat. While watching you get a strong sense of the fun and hard work put in by the cast and crew which makes the whole experience even more gratifying. I look forward with great anticipation for this exciting filmmakers next piece ?Dead Heist?.

Chris B (gb) wrote: shockingly good comedy

John K (mx) wrote: This films hilariously supports the idea of how much we hate work.

Tetuko C (gb) wrote: I wish i could gave my rating twice, once for the scenario... not the best un the world... way too long but the second rating would be fore the scenes... wow very beautiful shots!! great great great.

Roger J (fr) wrote: Had not seen this one before... very good!

Noname (ag) wrote: Fun and great action with Eddie and Nick. 80s movies you cant go wrong with. There is a sequel aswell and both are nice.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: He's told us what he's not but not what he is. A train is traveling through the Rocky Mountains on their way to a military base to deliver medical supplies, soldiers, and the hostage John Deakin. Shortly after leaving, a few men are strangely murdered and the soldiers are removed from the train. Apparently, a hidden agenda is being executed by the train and only the hostage seems to want to find out how and why misdeeds are happening. "Well, he's dead." "Looks like every bone in his body is broken." Tom Gries, director of Will Penny, Fools, Helter Skelter, The Connection, Lady Ice, and Breakout, delivers Breakheart Pass. The storyline for this picture is interesting and felt like a cowboys and Indians version of Strangers on a Train. The plot was well delivered and the characters were well presented. The cast delivers solid performances and includes Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna, Charles Durning, and Ed Lauter. "I'm not a man of violence." Breakheart Pass was a movie that grabbed my attention because it stars Charles Bronson. We are huge fans of Bronson westerns, more so than his action pictures, and found this film worthwhile and entertaining. The plot was fairly unpredictable and the action sequences were solid. I recommend seeing this picture if you are a fan of the genre or Bronson. "Someone is trying to stop this train." Grade: B-/B (7.25)

Steve O (mx) wrote: All the reviews says this sucked!

Andy C (es) wrote: Does it really matter that this extremely ordinary person is having what she thinks are bizarre reactions to chemicals? Maybe they are caused by pesticides, maybe they aren't. I see the intrigue there, but she's just so dull, it's hard to care.

Aaron N (kr) wrote: The 2003 comedy film School of Rock is one of those movies that gets funnier as you grow older. Not because the movie has somehow changed, but because you've changed over the years. Richard Linklater's clever comedy stars Jack Black as Dewey Finn, a jobless rock musician who fakes his way into a substitute teaching job where he influences a young group of aspiring musicians by introducing them to Rock N Roll all while attempting to dodge their parents and the strait laced Principle Rosalie Mullins (Joan Cusak). I'm not sure Jack Black was even acting in his role because his performance feels like a reflection of his public persona. After being fired by his own band, Dewey Finn dishonestly intercepts a temporary job meant for his roommate, Ned Schneebly (Mike White) as the substitute teacher in a high society private school where he ends up teaching his students the Art, Math, and Science of Rock N Roll by starting a class rock band. With the local battle of the bands on the horizon -- one of the main contestants being Dewey's former band -- the stakes are set high for these bright minded students. With his pride at stake and in the hands of these talented 10 year olds Dewey begins preparing his students to compete in the Battle of the Bands. One example of the cleverness of this movie is Dewey's attempt to receive permission from Principle Mullins for a class "Field Trip" which is actually the Battle of the Bands. After learning of the usually stern Principle Mullins' wild side, Dewey brings her to a bar to see if he can get her to loosen up after a few drinks and agree to have his students released for the trip. Hilariously, his plot ends up working but not without a healthy dose of twists and dilemmas when he is later exposed as a fraud. All of the gut wrenching but clever turns pay off in the end when each student gets an opportunity to lift their washed out substitute teacher by shredding in the Battle of the Bands in front of their formerly unsupportive parents and principle. Many critics have already said that this movie is perfect for any age and regardless of a light peppering of mature humor. Dewey's quick wit does a great job of cushioning the blow turning very mature subjects into elementary terms although not very accurately at times. Any kid could get just as much enjoyment out of School of Rock as I have. Linklater does a great job of helping us relate to each set of characters on the screen. Each of us has a little Dewey Finn rebellion in us, maybe we've grown a little too stiff and responsible like Principle Mullins, or we feel like these innocent kids, still moldable and hopeful for the future. I feel most of the enjoyment from School of Rock comes from identifying yourself in each of these characters. That quality is something that has the potential to last for a lifetime.

Ricco N (ru) wrote: What is the main story of this film? Yes, you won't get the answer even after you finished watching it..

J B (mx) wrote: Ruthlessly bleak and morbid.