The Damned

The Damned

In the early days of Nazi Germany, a powerful noble family must adjust to life under the new dictatorship regime. The transition from democracy to dictatorship is thus dramatized through the lives of the family which also owns a powerful German industrial firm. Through such characters as a German Baron, a child molester, a Nazi Storm Trooper, an innocent man framed for murder, and a Captain in the German SS, "Damned" thus shows how so called "German Upper Class Nobility" first resented Adolf Hitler, then accepted him, and at last embraced him.

The dramatic collapse of a wealthy, industrialist/Junker family during the reign of the Third Reich. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Terry J (us) wrote: sort of black comedy...commentary on drugs,friendship etc...not everyone is gonna like it

John S (de) wrote: Favoring insinuation over investigation, the documentary Girl Model? is as much a tease as the profession it portrays. Dipping into a very specific corner of the modeling industry " the search for fresh Russian faces to feed the seemingly insatiable Japanese appetite for prepubescent-looking clotheshorses " David Redmon and Ashley Sabin(TM)s film presents an international transaction sustained by the twin forces of illusion and delusion.RelatedIt Takes Two to Fight Over a Documentary (April 29, 2012)Representing the product is Nadya, a sweet Siberian country girl whose 13-year-old features have barely advanced beyond fetal. Occupying the profiteer role is her creepy agent (I(TM)m trying to save all these young girls?) and his shadowy Japanese counterpart. Linking all three is Ashley Arbaugh, a troubled scout and former model who despises the business yet willingly sends Nadya and her kind to Tokyo with neither chaperon nor fluency in Japanese.Unlovely in ways far beyond its on-the-fly cinematography, Girl Model? nevertheless exerts a queasy magnetism. Watching Ms. Arbaugh position two baby dolls on her couch (I had three, but I dissected one?) and display her special box filled with snapshots of models(TM) appendages, the film tilts toward surreal horror. And when she comments obliquely on prostitution among models and hints at the dubious preferences of an agent, the stench of human trafficking is impossible to ignore.That stink, like iffy contracts and child labor laws, remains unexplored. Filled with blind eyes and unspoken agreements, Girl Model? opens a can of worms, then disdains to follow their slimy trails.

Dickie L (mx) wrote: Depending on whether you've seen Sarah's Key or not, this will either be just a simpler re-tread of stuff you already know, or an eye-opening tale of how Parisian authorities treated the native Jewish population during WW2. This film lacks the visual flair of Sarah's Key and has more of a straight forward, old-fashioned approach to storytelling. On the pro side, there's no unnecessary present day coda to drag the film down as it did in the aforementioned. If you're already feeling cinema Holocaust fatigue, this won't improve the situation for you. Nevertheless, its a strong story competently told.

Paul D (gb) wrote: This was pretty average and bland. Mr. Kennedy was alright, but not the greatest. The story had potential, but just wasn't exciting enough. This movie is forgettable.

Isabella D (fr) wrote: What a great movie. Though the ending was somewhat sad, it was also hopeful for the future.

Steve S (us) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

JHIMIAH S (nl) wrote: BLIND LOVEIn the movie titanic rose and jack lifted the eyes of the young and old by their love. The couple are my interest peek of the movie. The fact that rose feels lonely and unheard and not really seen as a woman makes jack even more of a hero to me. He shows her life. She went from being this sad invisible girl that doesn't have a mind of her own into a ballsy woman. He truly adored her and made her feel like she had a mind of her own and could be free and alive. I don't think his character was made to be only her love interest or the one that opened her eyes to love. I think he was created to empower her and make her see the world in its true form. Jack is treated like a boot licker or less than. In the movie he shows that he is way more than that. He is very intelligent and can be one with how rose is accustomed to living. He enjoys the fruits in life and understands that not all fruit will stay fresh forever. Rose empowered him made him become a man not only in his eyes but in the eyes of the ones that watched the movie. He took the chance of going after a women that could have gotten him into a lot of trouble. He called her out on the things that he knew she really didn't feel were like her but of someone else's. He challenged her to be free and be her true self. Trust her heart and forget about what is expected of her. In the end she had plenty of chances to fall back into what she was used to. What could have even been safer. And in return for her following her heart and being true to herself he made sure that she knew that he loved her and that she was going to be something more than what she was told she was going to be.

Richard T (nl) wrote: Raquel Welch, Roller Derby, Portland, 1972: Enough said.

Sylvester E (it) wrote: I remember watching this one as a kid and going...Who is that lovely woman singing those songs. That's when I feel in love with, Dorothy Dandridge. It's a very good film that all of you guys need to see..Njoy!!!

Giselle Wednesday C (es) wrote: One of the worst films I have ever seen. I was forced to see it for a class. Fritz Lang's German expressionistic style is definitely interesting, yet his careful use of technical aspects within each frame is not enough to save the movie. The terrible acting (Anna Lee's character always makes the same wide-eyed gaping face when trouble is-a-coming and speaks! so! overly! dramatic!), the absurd plot written by Bertold Brecht (who, in my opinion, also writes terrible plays), and massive propaganda are just too painful watch.

Brett C (us) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was one of the first raunchy films that I have seen; this was during a time where I was about nine to ten years old where a random choice from my local blockbuster has shown me to a realm of comedy and reality that I have yet to understand.I came back to the film time and time again during the years after that first viewing, and suddenly I remember shutting myself from it for a large amount of time; but with each revisit, my opinion of the film never changed as one of the best comedic films of all time. I watch it now and I still cannot shake away the feelings I had with this film, whether it be the amazing moments when the girls introduced themselves outside their van, or when Bluntman and Chronic face off Mark Hamill during a Star Wars inspired sequence; hell, I practically know the entire words of the profane song that Jay was singing during the start of the film.Viewing it now does reveal its flaws a little more clearly but it wasn't as much as I expected it to be; it is a stupid and aimless film but it achieves so well in delivering its comedy that I was able to almost completely forgive the film. It is rare for me to appreciate films that cherish on the topics of genitalia and illicit drugs, but this film manages to provide enough hits that it wasn't entirely loathsome.The aspect that I most enjoyed is its ability to become self-aware, with constant references to prominent films, it takes in story aspects that were found in previous Smith films through the appearance of familiar characters or subtle references to the stories that took place in these films, and it pokes fun at the Hollywood system with such ridiculousness that one cannot help but have a smile on their faces.If the film had anything deep to touch on, it would probably be about the obsession of self-worth, with the two central characters primarily driven to protect their reputation from being tarnished and Hollywood not being able to pay respect to the source material, aiming only for something mediocre to ensure profit.Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back aims to please those that adore their presence in previous Kevin Smith films, and done so with tremendous force and ambition. If not a fan of the titular duo then do not bother in seeing this film as this would just further hurt your opinion towards them.

Mark Z (fr) wrote: This film literally is about nothing. Forget it.

Emmaline W (ag) wrote: Boring script. Good performances.