The Dance of Reality

The Dance of Reality

“Having broken away from my illusory self, I was desperately seeking a path and a meaning to life.” This phrase perfectly sums up Alejandro Jodorowsky’s biographical project: reconstituting the incredible adventure of his life. Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in 1929 in Tocopilla, a coastal town on edge of the Chilean desert, where this film was shot. It was there where he discovered the fundamentals of reality, as he underwent an unhappy and alienated childhood as part of an uprooted family.

Alejandro Jodorowsky was born in 1929 in Tocopilla, a coastal town on the edge of the Chilean desert where this film was shot. It was there that Jodorowsky underwent an unhappy and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (ru) wrote: Wow! What a film. Best Sundance film I've seen to date. Visually stunning and wonderfully intense moments drive this picture.

Valerie P (jp) wrote: How could a movie with so many fantastic actors be SO TERRIBLE. It wasn't even terrible, it was just boring. Saying it's terrible means that I cared about it, it was a movie that a watched and it was a waste.

Brett C (us) wrote: Unexpectedly fantastic film out of Kipling, Saskatchewan. Audrey Lynn Tennant is going places.

fero H (us) wrote: "Skyfall" is loaded with jaw-dropping awesome stunts and special effects, one of the most beautiful and tragic Bond girls ever--the stunning Brnice Marlohe, and a brilliant theme song from the fabulously talented Adele and producer Paul Epworth lushly orchestrated by J.A.C. Redford. There is sizzling homo erotic tension between Daniel Craig's perfect Bond and Javier Bardem's Silva, a villain the likes of which have never been seen in this franchise. Dame Judi Dench's marvelous "M" is set up for retirement from the onset of the film. Dench, who has portrayed M for seven Bond films--a record- -is given the screen time she deserves to honor her character. While Craig's "Casino Royale" remains my favorite with its bloody and raw portrayal of the spy business and most tender Bond romance since "On Her Magesty's Secret Service," "Skyfall" is full and satisfying and among the best films of its kind released this season.

Frederick M (gb) wrote: A grown man cries over tea pots. That's one of the few highlights in this rather bland movie. I was interested in more of the political aspects of the film like the woman who hadn't bought groceries in 2 years and liberated fruit off the property of Bush voters. Very nice.Instead of having a nut-job like Chef Ramsey hosting a show like "Hell's Kitchen", they should get the Zen chef. He's just as insane but a much more likable way.

Karin R (ru) wrote: Abaolutely riveting.

Louis F (ca) wrote: Here's the thing about "Satan Hates You".It's not a bad movie.It's definitely not a good one, but it ain't a bad one either.The film does have a lot going for it, there are some sequences that are really smart, the story itself is pretty good too.The problems the production has are multitude though.First off, the actors aren't good enough to carry the audience's attention the entire 90 minutes. They do a fine job and if this was a short, it would've been fine. But the script isn't stellar and the actors aren't great, so there are a number of scenes the film could easily do without that would tighten it up a ton and make it much more enjoyable.Secondly, we've reached a point culturally, where people are now making "spoof" type movies based on other "spoof" type movies, rather than the original source material that these prior "spoof" type movies used.It's like watching Todd Haynes' "Dottie Gets Spanked" or John Waters' "Crybaby" and then using those as springboards for making a 50's esque satire. It's why you don't clone a clone, the copy of a copy isn't as good as the original."Satan Hates You" is not made by people who experienced the source material first hand, it's by people who have watched other people make fun of these old christian what have yous, and this is their reaction to other peoples reaction, does that make sense? I realize this might sound convoluted.The biggest drag on the film though has to be the two devil characters, which are both the two main representatives of this copy of a copy syndrome as there is literally nothing about them that makes them memorable or likable or worth paying attention to at all. You could remove them from the entire film and it wouldn't make a difference, except that the film would be more enjoyable. They're not funny, they don't really move the story forward, I mean, technically they do, but it would almost be better if they didn't, like, instead of showing the devils pushing the pill towards the girl, if it just moved invisibly, it would be, I don't know, more interesting, less obnoxious.One incredible win is the abortion scene, as well as the lesbian goth fortune teller, she's great.But so many scenes could be cut.There is a good movie buried in here, but there's a lot of bad stuff around it dragging it down.This would've been a fantastic 15 or 20 minute film.That's one of the biggest problems in film across the board, not knowing what to cut and what to leave in.Oh and the dude from "Hills Have Eyes" being in it was awesome.

Joshua F (ca) wrote: His imitations are spot-on but this stand-up is too dated to stand up to the years.

patrick c (ru) wrote: this is an ok movie not one of the better ww2 movies that they produced.

Elise S (mx) wrote: Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell are such a lovely couple!

JHIMIAH S (it) wrote: BLIND LOVEIn the movie titanic rose and jack lifted the eyes of the young and old by their love. The couple are my interest peek of the movie. The fact that rose feels lonely and unheard and not really seen as a woman makes jack even more of a hero to me. He shows her life. She went from being this sad invisible girl that doesn't have a mind of her own into a ballsy woman. He truly adored her and made her feel like she had a mind of her own and could be free and alive. I don't think his character was made to be only her love interest or the one that opened her eyes to love. I think he was created to empower her and make her see the world in its true form. Jack is treated like a boot licker or less than. In the movie he shows that he is way more than that. He is very intelligent and can be one with how rose is accustomed to living. He enjoys the fruits in life and understands that not all fruit will stay fresh forever. Rose empowered him made him become a man not only in his eyes but in the eyes of the ones that watched the movie. He took the chance of going after a women that could have gotten him into a lot of trouble. He called her out on the things that he knew she really didn't feel were like her but of someone else's. He challenged her to be free and be her true self. Trust her heart and forget about what is expected of her. In the end she had plenty of chances to fall back into what she was used to. What could have even been safer. And in return for her following her heart and being true to herself he made sure that she knew that he loved her and that she was going to be something more than what she was told she was going to be.

Spencer K (au) wrote: Natalie Portman is great, of course, but I just couldn't get into this film. as a gritty, revenge western tale, it delivers just a considerable amount, but as a whole film, there seems to be so much missing. I liked some aspects of the film, but too much of it I didn't like. it's to bland to recommended.