The Dancer

The Dancer

The troubled relationship between a writer and his ballet teacher wife, who has for years loved another man, finally leads to the breakup of the family.

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The Dancer torrent reviews

Heather M (nl) wrote: This movie brings the laughs with plenty of sex jokes and poking fun at the dating scene in general. Even through the rude humor there is still a sweet and happy ending, but only for those that deserve it.

Christophe C (ru) wrote: Home invasion plutt faiblard qui suit des codes sans chercher les dpasser et qui peine instaurer une ambiance... Mieux vaut (re)dcouvrir THE STRANGERS

Jorge A (us) wrote: Simple, divertida y clara! no es pretenciosa en lo absoluto, y resulta demasiado divertido ver a Coco Legrand de "loca". Recomendada para pasar un buen rato

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Loved this. Made me laugh and very touching

Suraj C (it) wrote: Seems to be a gud one need to watch!!!

Kliff R (jp) wrote: In case you are wondering, Yes I have been busying watching a hell of a lot of films and documentaries and this one about the infamous race in Baja is one of the best Docs I've seen ever.

Private U (br) wrote: A little melodramatic, but then again it's Indian cinema.

Antti R (ca) wrote: A good drama suffering from minor glitches: most glaringly the English-speaking cast seemed horribly disinterested in the project and only in for the paycheck, which is sadly commonplace with films not filmed in an English-speaking country. Having said that, the rest of the cast is good. I only wish the theme of terrorism-as-an-emotional-paradigm-for-the-terrorists had been explored more effectively.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Encore une fois, le duo Blanks et Piper est coeurant !

Elliott P (kr) wrote: awsome, just fucking awsome

Alex S (mx) wrote: Angelina Jolie had to start somewhere.

Socorro R (gb) wrote: esta pelcula es la mamada jajajajaja

Daniel H (es) wrote: Great comedy and interesting look at the advertising world. It does show, sadly, that in the end, the world is seen as the largest shopping mall, and the ways advertising execs like Richard E. Grant's character are insanely driven to push anything to get money.

Dillon L (au) wrote: For me there are things to love & hate.What i hate is the country music,the grandma, and the monkey which served no purpose in the plot.But the things i liked are Clint eastwood (Who kicks a$$,as always),The relationship with Sondra Lockes character (It really surprised me) and the best thing of all.The biker gang which was ran by a bunch of absolute losers.the movie can be dull & boring at times.but i think its hilarious and all around entertaining.3-Stars!

Hctor R (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. The cast made one of the best works I ever seen; Elizabeth Taylor shines and gives us one of the best performances she has ever made. James Dean was good, it's not his best performance but he made a very good role. George Stevens knows how one should make a film and he makes a worthwhile film. It's not the best film ever, but it deserves praise for showing the racial intolerance, sexism and class differences with a good screenplay and good performances.

Grace A (ca) wrote: I love the entire series, but this is one of my favorites. It's terrific to see Nick and Nora take their NY sophistication to the small town where they "knew him when." The scene where he naps (or tries to nap) in a lawn chair is a hoot!

Steve O (gb) wrote: great movie. stockwell & welles (the later as the pairs defence attorney) both give great performances.

Jos M (us) wrote: .Entretenida a pesar de todo.

Justin H (nl) wrote: kick ass movie! but a little corny

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.