The Dandelions

The Dandelions

A young girl is frustrated by her over-protective mom. At school, she meets another fearless little girl that is going to have a big influence on her.

Rachel, shy little 9 year old, loved by her father and stifled by a possessive mother, meets Valérie, a fearless and shameless girl of her age. With her new friend, she engages to profanity, indecency and nonsense, and opens up to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (nl) wrote: just not interesting at all

Paul D (ru) wrote: Taps in well to the new world threats of the 21st century, and is a decent thriller for it.

Ali S (fr) wrote: I totally don't see what the Mother Nature character adds to the movie. I think it's just annoying and unfunny. Paul Rudd is funny. I like the slapstick nature of his comedy in this one. Saoirse Ronan is a very impressive actress. I don't know what else she is in but I sure hope she gets better movies to work with. Michelle Pfeiffer comes across as a little washed up. I am totally shocked that the critics gave this such a a great review. There are better rom coms out there for sure.

Niki A (jp) wrote: sometimes when i look at the sky, i think of him.

Jonny B (jp) wrote: It looks fine and the acting is good but 'Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself' doesn't work. The movie is manipulative and drenched in tedious sentimentality. Worst of all it isn't funny.

Juan J (ca) wrote: The first segment of this 3-part omnibus film is the most entertaining (It has opera in outer space!). The second segment is the only Earth-bound story, but there are plenty of fireworks (It has an entire Japanese military arsenal trying to destroy a clueless guy on a bike!) and mostly successful attempts at comedy in a tight story. The third segment is remarkable for having the the tightest visual editing tricks and a contemplative, 1984-like effect (It has giant guns--or are they just very tiny people who load them?--firing into the unknown!). As for the overarching theme of the whole film, ostensibly represented by its title, it seems that the connection among the three parts is their different ways of utilizing the idea of memory in conflict--in conflict with itself, with modern settings, or with its own need to exist or be valid. The critic does not purport to be absolutely correct, but that's the fun of overanalyzing, no? 1) Memories of a past life of one's ideal family and art collection conflict with the transience of mortality itself, the physical manifestation of which is rediscovered by a far-reaching spaceship. The ghosts--singing ghosts!--then become simultaneously real & ephemeral, immediate & trapped in the past, and desirable & dangerous to the senses of the rescue crew members who think they are supposed to be answering a distress call or recovering a wrecked vessel. 2) An accidental ingestion of a mysterious medicine leads to a mission directive from the big boss to a lowly associate. The devoted employee keeps his promise to the boss and ignores all signs of the mayhem he causes as he maintains only his memory of the urgency of the original cause of his voyage to Tokyo. 3) Living only in the seemingly immutable present, though there clearly must be a past cause for the singleminded focus the fellow inhabitants of his home and future workplace display in their gun-loading machinations, a boy goes through the motions of training to become like everyone else in his caste.

Matthew G (ca) wrote: just because Clint is a killer is the only reason I want to see this

Megan M (de) wrote: Christmas favorite must watch every year.

Kiel C (es) wrote: The first hour is fantastic and always a lot of fun. The second half is just sadistic.... Kevin makes Jigsaw look merciful.

Trent G (es) wrote: Classic silly nonsense that I LOVED as a kid! Such nostalgia!

Tijani M (it) wrote: A kid sent to summer camp has nothing but bad luck.

Hannah D (kr) wrote: Janice: Sometimes I just feel invisible. And I heard someone say something recently, that it just takes one person, you know. Just one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special. And I think that that's true. I know that that's true because... because I felt it. The other night, I was out with this guy that I work with and... I work at the zoo and... and anyway, it was only for one night, but it just... it felt different, you know.