The Dark Night

The Dark Night


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Nick P (fr) wrote: Nuanced storytelling, though conventional at some times, with a subtle performance from Halle Berry and an earth shattering Benicio Del Toro, THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE is finely crafted with repaired heart.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Triple the plot devices as the comics - with half the actual plot. Would have been much better with Moose & Jughead. Though Reid nails the clueless blonde who can appreciate life as it unfolds.

Stephanie H (ru) wrote: watched the first and the second woman omg scars on my life so disturbing bloody mess did she die? knitting needles what was she thinking kevin was cute and hot though painful second woman boring so many kids to handle or lack there of finished the movie third woman interesting pretty abortion protests so intense omg the abortion doctor got shot so violent by crazy guy religious christians lol so clingy and odd

Bill R (es) wrote: love Broken Lizard...

frisco o (ru) wrote: the misadventures of the integrated workin' class

Alexander C (au) wrote: Touching and enjoyable

Bill C (nl) wrote: Revisited on Blu-Ray Disc."the body understands the music before the head" - David ByrneMusic so visceral and energized you can't possibly watch this re-released 1984 film sitting down. I was afraid to look away for fear of missing a single frame. Jonathan Demme and David Byrne collaborate on a masterpiece; surely the benchmark of concert films. "Once In A Lifetime" is a revelation. Indeed, a performance of this quality comes along only once in a lifetime.

John M (ca) wrote: Odd, very scattered movie about a woman who goes down a road to ruin through random hook-ups, drugs, and encounters with violent men.Screenwriter/Director Richard Brooks has done very good work before ("In Cold Blood"). But, here, the narrative is all over the place. The film begins with Diane Keaton's character having waking fantasies, but they are awkwardly edited in. Brooks then has real problems in constructing the story throughout.There was a novel, and I have no idea if it had the same problems or not. Regardless, Brooks should have thought this out a lot better.Diane Keaton is fine in the lead. The acting otherwise ranges from seriously overcooked to passive-aggressive. The result of the writing and overacting leads to melodrama, where the movie could have told a much more interesting story.For instance, the guy playing Keaton's father is this borderline-psychotic Catholic character who is endlessly screaming and yelling at his daughters when they don't toe the line according to his hard-right religious ideals.A very odd disappointment that could, and should, have been a lot better.Plus, you can see what's going to happen by film's end coming a billion miles away!

Kevin C (ru) wrote: MY favorite Pam Grier flick.

Roy C (it) wrote: Fast-interjecting Old Tom Fraleigh employs Doris Day's self-ketchup bottling, unintentional comedian housewife to hock soap on TV, resulting in three truckloads worth of detergent flooding the backyard and a car at the bottom of the pool.

Jho R (au) wrote: Had some great, creepy moments. Story's a bit wonky.

Eric H (gb) wrote: I'd recommend this movie to anyone that likes Hitchcock's early films (I'm thinking specifically of Foreign Correspondent and The 39 Steps). The dialog is ridiculously stilted and the scenery is flimsy; but the camera work is awesome and as you get lulled in to the rather surreal story line, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat, following the twists of the plot with bated breath. Also there is a bonus for anyone that liked the book Vineland, by Thomas Pynchon: the character Joe Totsuiko, played by Victor Sen Yung, reminded me so immediately of Takeshi Fumimoto that I can't believe Pynchon didn't have this movie, maybe just in the back of his head, in mind when he was writing.

Adam D (nl) wrote: A classic 1940s comedy starring Carey Grant ,Rosalind Russell and a great supporting cast

Lee Anne W (fr) wrote: Depressing little slice of late-seventies L.A. life for four teenage girls. Jodie Foster does the best acting of career, pretending Angel is a band that is a) good and b) worth seeing in concert. Scott Baio is really cute. Marilyn Kagan is right in style, with her giant glasses. Worth watching.

Alejandro M (kr) wrote: Le falt punch, grandes actores para una pelcula malita

Mark S (es) wrote: Very funny. Entertaining. Not a typical comedy. Chris Pratt is hysterical.

Andrew O (it) wrote: Exciting and angering in equal terms, deftly mixing a powerful statement with innovative filmmaking. At times, Three Kings is very real, very funny, and even real funny.

Paul D (de) wrote: Fun heavy rock horror with Ozzy Osbourne in a role very divorced from his accepted persona.