The Dark Past

The Dark Past

A gang hold a family hostage in their own home. The leader of the escaped cons is bothered by a recurring dream that the doctor of the house may be able to analyze.

An escaped psychopathic killer who takes the family and neighbors of police psychologist hostage reveals a recurring nightmare to the doctor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Soheil W (au) wrote: Nice story, humble guy

Nathan S (jp) wrote: lame HS story about rich kids dying after their parents did something shitty. people die mouse-trap or 'final destination' style

James O (mx) wrote: Tom Hanks in fine form and the acting by the Somali crew was also on point. Builds the tension well and the story remains interesting throughout even though we all know how everything is going to pan out from the outset.

Steven B (it) wrote: Did she just take her boobs off and use them as a grenade?

Per H (es) wrote: Film med intressant story som kunde ha blivit en bra heist film men blir inte mer n ett godknd gspning, dock kul att se Nick Stahl, det r inte ofta man gr det nu fr tiden..

Nando V (nl) wrote: Her older stuff is better.

Bobby L (de) wrote: This was the sort of movie I wanted out of Invictus. A thinking man's drama/ action with a heart that truly explores the abuses of the Apartheid system. With some nice turns by the cast, although none of them are truly excellent, and a great sense of pacing, this movie works, more ofthen than it doesn't.The pacing is weird, as if they had a 3 hour cut and had to slice it in half. Some plotlines aren't followed through enough, and the turn to revolutionary is underplayed. Despite these, it's fun.

Wina N (it) wrote: I watched this movie only because RDJ playing as Mr. Gardner.

Jonathan K (mx) wrote: I didn't mind it. Swordfish wasn't a movie that I couldn't take my eyes off of, I watched it in spurts. It was still exciting enough that I felt like I needed to finish it. Not one I'll watch again anytime soon. Overall not bad

Sol H (br) wrote: A thoroughly enjoyable feature-length cartoon that does a good job of trying to capture the magic of the Asterix books in spite of some iffy voice acting and sound mixing. It's reasonably amusing and features some nice characters and locations. If you're an Asterix fan, this is definitely one of the best film adaptations of the books and as such is highly recommended. If you're not, then there's not much here for you. 7/10

kim c (de) wrote: it would be nice to have friends like them. the end the best part of the movie

Joel S (au) wrote: The most horrific way to spend your time in a cinema, but also an immensely powerful, unflinching study of crime and its influence on youth.

Gil F (nl) wrote: It was Tommy all along?! Good horror in that there was a genuine love relationship and tenderness - hard to find that nestled in a horror movie nowadays. I was surprised

Orlok W (mx) wrote: A poignant farewell to the old school Godzilla--A great guilty pleasure!!

Ulf L (kr) wrote: A bit dated but still a nice movie.

Tooba A (fr) wrote: Another typical Tyler Perry movie; however, still managed to keep the mood up and funny.

Wesley W (fr) wrote: An even more worse movie than Saw IV was and a completely pointless dull sequel from beginning to end. This fifth installment had cash grab written all over it and bothers me that they even decided to go along with this unnecessary sequel. In terms of story, trap design, acting, character development, and mystery. It was a total let down on all fronts and I was completely disappointed that the movie didn't offer very much at all. All the new actors they put together here just seemed like they were going through the motions to collect a paycheck and not one actor gave a credible or honest performance. The acting was hollow and bland all the way through, there was no emotional connection to anything, and the story here was nonexistent. Lazy is the ultimate word to describe the events happening in this fifth installment. The franchise at the beginning I thought had new story elements to offer, they had interesting characters, and the first three had me interested in what was gonna happen next and they weren't bad at all in my opinion. Here, its like the filmmakers just didn't care at all about what they were doing when working on this film and the end result is a forgettable unengaging film experience. The police investigating scenes weren't interesting and they didn't bring anymore insight on the horrible events happening. One of the best parts of the other Saw movies was the flashbacks and here, the flashbacks were not interesting at all and they never advanced the plot along or gave any new development. Most of the traps were not really even traps, they were just little things that these group of people had to go through with little effort in my opinion and I couldn't believe these filmmakers didn't think of anything more thought provoking. As the group of people were going through these events, they soon learn why they are there and at that point where I learned those things, I was just waiting for the movie to end. The only thing I could complement is that the movie had two good traps in it and that is it. In the end, this sequel came off as a complete waste of time and it had nothing to offer or say about the Saw franchise for me.

Ryan H (ru) wrote: Rather than carefully avoid the tropes and cliches, Deadpool simply points at them and laughs. Ryan Reynolds gives an Oscar-worthy performance in a surprisingly short film that never takes itself too seriously.

Panta O (it) wrote: It's very hard to write a positive review of a movie which is not appealing on a first sight for the most of the viewers... but I'll do just that! This is a real thriller with a lot of twists. It was slow at the beginning but during the last part that slowness helped the ending which reveals the truth in clensing and furious fire... It's not one of the best movies I watched but it's not in the category of boring ones either! Judge it for yourself...