The Dark Side of Chocolate

The Dark Side of Chocolate

A team of journalists investigate how human trafficking and child labor in the Ivory Coast fuels the worldwide chocolate industry. The crew interview both proponents and opponents of these alleged practices, and use hidden camera techniques to delve into the gritty world of cocoa plantations.

A team of journalists investigate how human trafficking and child labor in the Ivory Coast fuels the worldwide chocolate industry. The crew interview both proponents and opponents of these ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blke W (br) wrote: marvelous. had all the right elements for this kind of epic. respectfully nostalgic, compressed, romantic, character driven, ghastly set of events. awesome film deserving adulation.

Jess M (mx) wrote: I can't believe that thay didn't have real people in it

Hunter W (it) wrote: The Cabin in the Woods works on ever level it attempts to explore, and that is alot of levels.

Regena P (ru) wrote: This movie was strange, but there was one good song, and I enjoyed the India-China connection.

Shania H (mx) wrote: I love this movie!!!!

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 94%Viewed this on 5/5/16Perhaps the best Woody Allen film I have ever seen, its not a kind of film that I had expected from Allen. Through it starts off as a romantic film, it soon builds up tension and becomes a thriller. Moreover, it takes a U-Turn whenever you expect it to make a predictable turn. The acting is also terrific.

Jack L (gb) wrote: Read my Lips is a unique and stunningly original French film directed by Jacques Audiard who directed A Prophet and who is now one of my favourite directors. This film is very original and I was surprised to see that not one of my friends here on RT had rated it. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD.... The film begins with Karla inserting her hearing aids to allow her to hear enough to carry out her job. She works in an office job for an Architectural firm, her job isn't going anywhere and she is bullied and mocked by her co-workers, she is very lonely. She asks for an assistant to aid her in her work, but also so she can get to know someone new. Her assistant is named Paul Angelie and they get on well together despite both of them being very awkward. Paul tells her he has just been released from prison and is attempting to start over. Karla wishes to help him and so lets him stay in an apartment under construction by the firm. A romance gradually builds between the two even if Karla is very timid, she is obviously in love with Paul. When Paul is threatened by some thugs he owes money to he is forced to give up his job with Karla and work in the nightclub owned by the mobster he owes money to. He soon catches on to the fact that the mobster is planning a big heist and starts to formulate a plan to steal the money from right under the nose of the mobster. His plan is changed dramatically when he learns that Karla (who misses him and barely ever sees him) can read lips, she learnt this skill when she was younger and entirely deaf over time her hearing had healed enough for her to hear but she had kept the skill of lip-reading. Paul then uses her to watch the boss's apartment and record the conversations held within so he can know when the money arrives. Karla accepts on the condition that Paul come back and work with her at her office during the day. Paul accepts thus beginning a hectic lifestyle for the two that has them working all day at the office and watching the apartment all night. When the money finally does arrive things are complicated even more and after various twists and turns a surprising conclusion is reached. ......... The direction by Audiard was stunningly original and inventive. He used many of the same techniques that he would use in his latest film A Prophet such as the shots of complete darkness with only a small circle of light illuminating what is taking place in the film. I also liked his use of extreme close ups was very inventive, instead of useing them in moments of calm he employed them during very tense action scenes , it was a risky choice but he achieved his purpose very well and it creates an incredible effect, it really adds to the tension of the scenes. The acting was amazing by the two leads, Emanuelle Devos as Karla and Vincent Cassel as Paul. The rest of the cast did a good job but nothing spectacular apart from Paul's case officer, he was very good. As good as the supporting cast was they were completely eclipsed by Cassel and Devos, they both bring their characters to life in such a way that it's impossible not to like them. Without such great actors this film would have been much less as a whole even with the excellent direction. The characters were the best thing about this film, they were so well written and so well acted that it was a pleasure watching them interact. The transformation of Karla is extraordinary, in the beginning of the film she was depressed, lonely, meek and overall pretty pitiable. By the end of the film she has accomplished many things including going head to head with some ruthless mobsters, something she would never have dreamed of doing before. Paul is a very interesting man who wishes to make his fortune by whatever means necessary and flee the country. His prison sentence has made him into a clever and cautious criminal with no scruples. He falls in love with Karla but you get the sense that if he had to flee without her and with the money he would. The sound of this film is a much more important aspect than on other film, because of Karla's condition, Jacques Audiard uses the sound very well, it waxes and wanes as Karla adjusts her hearing aid. It is all very well thought of and I got the sense that far more attention had been paid to it than is usual in films. The music is sparse but good and complemented the films rather dark atmosphere very well. The dialogue is in French, of course, and I strongly recommend you watch it in it's original language as the dialogue is extremely well written and just can't be translated very well. The dialogue avoids all romantic clichs with ease and is highly original and very French. The plot was surprisingly well handled, the film starts out as a Romance, and a very interesting and watchable one at that, and seamlessly develops into a Thriller involving a large amount of money and ruthless enemies. I thought this transition was done very well and could have ended up seeming like two different films in the hands of a lesser director. I liked the fact that seemingly unimportant events and conversations that take place at the beginning of the film have repercussions later and dramatically change the story. The endings took me completely by surprise, it wasn't a complicated twist or anything just a rather unpredictable endings handled very well by the writers and the director. Overall this is a sadly overlooked French film, that deserves much more attention as does the director who is very talented yet largely unknown. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a clever Thriller, but also for those who ,like me, don't like the usual Romance films but something a bit more original.

Jake B (nl) wrote: The only reason this movie gets even one star is because it is so bad that it's funny. It tries to take itself seriously, but the characters have such a resemblance to the Scooby Doo gang that there is no truly scary moment in this attempted "Horror" film.

GhostShadow X (nl) wrote: An office story with both drama and comedy, this movie had such a unique feel to it and I loved every minute of it! I especially liked Parker Posey's performance.

Janet T (au) wrote: Interesting to see a character who you at once sympathize with and so dislike. What begins as helping behavior turns into amoral greed. Maybe you can tell that I don't like Isabelle Huppert. No, that's not quite it. I'd just like to see her in a movie where she's even likeable.

Karen J (de) wrote: A young Richard Gere stars in this movie and King David from the bible.

Julian B (ag) wrote: This sprawling biopic still doesn't do the ultimate justice for "Bapu" but it is honest and true which is splendid to see. Ben Kingsley captures the essence of his character and gives a magnificently glowing performance. The move is sweet and warming but confident in its script and direction. Fires on all cylinders from the performances, plot, cinematography and more. An outstanding film on the life-story of the Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.

MJS M (kr) wrote: This film documents the titular music festival that was said to be a precursor to Woodstock. Such claims of inspiration seem a bit dubious as this was clearly a much more modest endeavor than that legendary 1969 concert. This festival was not done on a giant stage in front of millions of mud covered hippies. Rather, this seemed to have occurred in a variety of indoor venues over a couple of days. Similarly, the documentary of this isn?t nearly as wide in scope as the Woodstock documentary. There is not much documentation of the crowds or the scene, this is strictly interested in filming musical performances, what?s more, each act only gets one song for the most part. So basically we get a handful of high energy performances by some great musicians, but as a film it?s not all that special.

Brian P (jp) wrote: Chug ! Chug ! Chug ! Das boot!!!

Jesse M (jp) wrote: Well my luckiest one l love as a kid, when l look everyone review it was harsh and l don't understand everyone didn't love it, l decide rewatch it was still pretty good but l figure people were telling the story is nothing new and gladiator and yet for us we waiting for 3th Installment On June, Pixar we love ya keep add more story man.

Kyle C (fr) wrote: 2 questions--Why do people keep messing with Liam Neeson? and is Liam Neeson the only one making movies? Well, someday people will learn not to mess with Neeson, even more, his family, cause he will find you, and he will kill you...Oops wrong movie, that's Taken, but here he has to protect his son from a headhunter after he witnessed the villain's son commit a murder, and therefore Neeson tells his son that he must, well, Run all Night, maybe not in those words but basically yes. Neeson is his usual self and his son was actually also quite strong here, but it was very much Taken like, although not quite as good. The action scenes are good but yet, again, apart from the last scene, the villains still cannot shoot, I know I sound like a broken record with that but it's so annoying and here is no different. Ed Harris is pretty good as the villain but that's pretty much all he plays so he should be good at it by now. The story was also pretty good even if it's been done before, but it was still very much watchable. And I ask if he's the only one making movies because it seems like he's in every movie in the past year or so, I've seen more from him in the last year then I think I've seen anything from him, but owell, at least he's making lots of $$$$, RECOMMENDED for Neeson as usual and some good action scenes.

Shelley B (au) wrote: Gertrude Bell was the BAMF-est archaeologist to ever pick up a spade. Indiana Jones WISHED he could have been Gertrude Bell, but sadly, truth is sometimes just plain better than fiction. I have no idea if this movie will really bring out her awesomeness, but with Werner Herzog directing, I am daring to hope. Can't wait to see it when it comes out.

Jennifer C (de) wrote: EXCELLENT REMINDER that American ideas and ideals are being implemented all over the world, except in America. I want to move to any of the countries in the video - especially Iceland, where WOMEN rule the world and neighbors look after neighbors. Excellent movie! I need to watch again, so I can remember all the good things that America abandoned while men have been in charge! It's time for WOMEN to take over AMERICA - like yesterday!