The Dark Sleep

The Dark Sleep

Adaption of H.P Lovecrafts The Dreams in the witchhouse

Following her recent divorce, a writer moves into a new home to begin penning her next book. Little does she know this house has some dark secrets. A giant rat visits her in the middle of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Syed O (kr) wrote: An Awesome Movie for Movie lovers with lots of comedy to bring down the roof...Remaking a blockbuster movie from Hindi to Tamil is not a easy thing.One have to Remake the same thing without losing the Essence of the Original and shaping it Nicely to Tamil Audience which Shankar has done it Perfectly...Vijay has one a great Job in doing Amir Kahn's Role.His Comedy Really Synced well with the audience..Jeeva has Pulled off what can be deemed as his best performance after Ko and Srikanth has found a lifeline in this movie after a series of failures in his previous movies...Satyaraj was Clinically top Class in replicating the Professor Role in the movie not forgetting his Lisp..Satyan was a surprise package in the movie with which he has done brilliantly...Ileana was an Eye candy in the movie and this is really a good comback in Kollywood...Especially her Duet Song of "Asku Laska" and "irukana illaiayna" song which she done a perfect chemistry with Vijay.Harris Jayaraj Songs were Foot Tapping and Feel Good songs...Overall Nanban is a clean Family Movie which everyone should watched.....

Collin R (fr) wrote: super interesting and mind opening this one of those movies that everyone needs to see cause everyone clicks "I Agree" when they dont read the terms and conditions of something

Atiya H (gb) wrote: It was soo funny an excited the plot twist at the end was so sad but it all turned out good in the end.

Darren P (gb) wrote: I rented it thinking it would be worse than it was, but that doesn't mean it was good. No, sirreebob.

Harvey D (au) wrote: This movie is good. Well, okay. I was dissaponted with the ending. Time to review. Actors: Most of them are good. The so-called "uncle" didn't do so good. Sorry fox uncle dude thing. 3/5 Special Effects: Okay. The monsters looked ugly and near the end the effects started to suck but it was okay. 2/5 Humor: horrible. it was not funny. not at all. 1/5 Storyline: kinda dumb. I don't really remember most of it. sooo... 1/5 Ending: Terrible. I mean horrible. I mean stupid. I mean dissaponting. It sucks that every body lost memeory of Kitaro. That sucks. 1/5 So that's it. It was very mediocore. 59%

Mark F (ru) wrote: Basically Shakespeare.

Cande P (au) wrote: Hermosa historia de princesas...

Dennis F (us) wrote: Pretty entertaining flick.

Tree F (kr) wrote: I don't have much to say about this movie, other than I love it. Brad Renfro and Kevin Bacon both do amazing acting jobs. It's easy to fall in love with Karchy Jonas. Great soundtrack, too.

Veronique K (it) wrote: "feeling minnesota" is keanu reeves' attempt to prove his calibre as an actor after his success at the "speed" which catapults his clean-shaved heartthrobber status. whether reeves is a good actor or not, he definitely strives to be one by the iconclastic diverse roles he has taken. perhaps this movie is neglected due to audience's disaproval of his maverick ambition. but in spite of reeves, "feeling minnesota" is an underrated neo-noir meshed with road movie gendre as well as slapstick black-humor. reeves plays jjacks, a ex-con whose brother blackmails a trashy blonde(cameron diaz) into marrying him. then this sappy never-do-good shows up at his brother's wedding and steals the bride's heart away. so these two intend to flee for vegas by thieving the cuckold's stashed money. unfortunately the couple is short-witted enough to be backstabbed by the cuckold...what ensues is phony death as well as posthumous resurrection, and the process involves someone's ear gets chewed off ghastly. the subject matter of this flick could hardly attract keanu reeves' usual fans who adore his neatly wholesome boyish charm, and low-life debauchery doesn't seem an adequate dish for keanu. but keanu's guileless innocence is also what diverges this flick from sleazy melodrama, transcending it into an unusual romance of absurdity, a strange kind of love affair. cameron diaz builds her early career with a series of spunky dirty blonde roles, and gender-reversal is a common theme in diaz's beurgeoning days. diaz was often the manipulative woman who takes the wheel, sort of edgy controlling freak type in movies like "a life less ordinary", "very bad things" and "any given sunday"...her best talent was being seductively feminine but insidiously domineering with a deviant paranoic drive until her success in "something about mary" and "charles' angels" sink her into commercialized movie star who gains quick bucks by cheesy chic flicks. it has attention-gripping cameos from punk-goddess courtney love as the waitress who gives sassy murder advices, and the last performance from old-time classic starlet tuesday weld, who was once steven macqueen leading girl in "cincinati kid" and cult-noir "pretty poison"(it was later adapted into "poison ivy" with drew barrymore in the 80s) as keanu reeves' un-affectionate mother. vincent d'onofrio, keanu's cuckolded bro, later would incarnates into the pervert child-molester in thriller "the cell". the movie also shows a realistic side of minnesota, the spontaneous angles from minnesota highways, cheap motel in slums, car-wagon with driver wearing hillbilly hat and the road-side forest with autumn leaves. it feels cozy with tangible affinity while its characters at the wrong-side of track merely dream to live in vegas just to enjoy a four-dollar buffet and the incessant glitters of neon-signs that sounds sympathetically petite but earthily endearing. one admirable quality would be the movie is still dialogue-driven with dimensions for each character. it's neo-noir without the pretentious flatulency to boast the circumstance by excessive violence and gruesomely inhuman femme fatale like "romeo is bleeding" or "reservoir dogs"...perhaps it's inappropriate to deem it as neo-noir since it still preserves the simplistic human aspect of noir with nostalgic country songs like "ring of fire" as well as its sly contemporary sense of black humor, experimentally hybridized with road movie and farce of ridicule. the ending was origionally plotted as a tradegy but altered as comedy with pleasant blossom of love due to reeves' stardom. so which would be better? you may never know.

The M (fr) wrote: Quite ridiculous. Lots of boobs though.. and that makes it worth while you may ask.No. Well.. it lights up the movie a bit. But the thing is, I just cant turn off a movie I've started to watch.'Werewolf in a Womens Prison' being the exception.

Mark H (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this, it showed how the fighting was pointless and stupid, especially at the end

Harrison W (br) wrote: Like a classical version of Magnolia but less impressive in every way. One decent twist, another notsomuch. Kinda cheap when a large part of the drama relies on a wacky misunderstanding. I'M TALKING TO YOU TOO, SHAKESPEARE.