The Dark World

The Dark World

Based on the real life story, the director turned his camera towards the real world of Âşık Veysel, the great poet who wandered around the Anatolian villages.

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Rowena A (es) wrote: Good enough, but felt like it could've been so much more.

Timmy H (fr) wrote: The main characters are unlikeable.

Luke B (us) wrote: As ridiculous and as smile inducing as one would hope. A real grizzly bear trying to look mean, a guy in a bear costume trying to look scary. A film where the token black guy is called Mr. Brown and the fascist Nazi is called Mr. White. It's subtlety like that you just got to love. I really enjoyed the practical effects, and the fact that the bear could rip off your head by simply stroking it. The serial killer sub-plot is a nice red herring and allows for a bit of action during the suspenseful build-up. Morshower's talents are way above this, but he isn't too pretentious or up himself to think so. He gives it his all and has fun along the way. Rodriguez is simply beautiful and Brody the Bear has a bright future ahead of him. A B-Movie I shall be revisiting again and again when I have some beers to get rid of.

Andr D (us) wrote: El debut como directora de Miranda July (protagonizada y escrita tambin por ella) es para bien o para mal toda una pelcula "indie". Con su bajsimo presupuesto y su enorme pretensin, "Me, You And Everyone We Know" intenta ser una cinta acerca de la necesidad de contacto. Gracias al talento de July para evidenciar el patetismo de la vida cotidiana y para encontrar el dolor en las situaciones patticas, la pelcula a veces logra su objetivo. Pero a ratos la pretensin supera a la honestidad.

Kevin B (au) wrote: One of my favorite films of all time!

Zach T (br) wrote: A fun little film. Supposedly, Mean Guns is the first of a trilogy. The second being Left for Dead from Sofia Films. Not sure how they are connected as Mean Guns is a free for all 'Battle Royale' and Left for Dead is a Western with Demons. Regardless, for a low budget film, Albert Pyun and his crew manage to pull off quite a few nice action pieces... Worth a rental.

Joey G (mx) wrote: liam neeson has a pitiful character, and the murder sequence was laughable. but intensely powerful, once you get past the awful 80's fashion.

Colm M (es) wrote: I got to see the restored version before anyone wonders! Very interesting as an important piece of cinema history but otherwise very boring and quite annoying. Either this is satire or its a very blatant and primitive apology for the rich. Apparently Utopia is a place were lords rule in finery over surfs who happily do all the back breaking work to keep them in their privileged positions. If you ever wondered how the super rich might rationalize their positions if they are ever pricked by conscience then the notion of Shangri la in Lost Horizon may provide you with an answer. The terribly dated acting doesn't help either. Describing this movie as a classic is just lazy.

hannah b (kr) wrote: good film and just really good with everything i just think its a great film.

Dave H (jp) wrote: Fascinating film.Funny, wry, philosophical, paradoxical, compelling, cynical, satirical. The serial killer story is tempered by the creative force behind the film of course, and by the fact that - for the most part - this IS a very black comedy. But it's not ludicrous or OTT slapstick ENOUGH to temper feelings of discomfort and confusion about the fact that our charming protagonist (our once cuddly Little Tramp) is actually a mass murderer. But so what? Chaplin obviously WANTED to engender some discomfort and confusion with this film, and the poignant, thoughtful dramatic aspects herein (and there are many) align the individual's exploitation of a few women with the exploitation of the many by the world's powerful few. More unsubtle (but also lovely) digs about the world's lust for salacious headlines about individual personalities above really caring about the mass tragedies next door. I'm making this film sound heavy, but it's not. There's several superbly staged vignettes, and a couple of great slapstick bits worthy of The Little Tramp himself. There's some clever wordplay too, but for the most part the joy in this flick comes from the performances - Chaplin casts some brilliant (relative) unknowns into some awesome roles. Nash, Raye, Hoffman - are all very rewatchable. Best of all is of course the man himself. Chaplin - fussy, fastidious, effusive, eloquent, calculating, captivating - gives a fantastically assured performance that (as much as I adore The Tramp) makes me wish that he'd released a few more talkies.He's just great.

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Joshua M (fr) wrote: Yet another instance where Leonardo DiCaprio probably should have won the Oscar. The guy is truly one of the greatest actors ever and my personal favorite. He is incredible in this and the rest of the cast is really good too. Johnny Depp is still one of my favorite actors and even Juliette Lewis does good as well. Not saying she is a bad actress, but this was probably the best performance that I have seen her do.