The Darkest Dawn

The story of two sisters, as Britain descends into an alien apocalypse.

Told through the eyes of the younger sister| the sisters' descent
into a post apocalyptic hell where they must choose between humanity and brutality in the fight for survival. The movie that tells the story of two teenage sisters as Britain descends into an alien apocalypse

The Darkest Dawn is the best funny movie of Drew Casson, Jess Cleverly. This movie was introduced in 2016. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Bethan Mary Leadley, Cherry Wallis, Jesse Cleverly, Sarah Perugia. The kind of movie are Sci-Fi. This movie was rated by 4.1 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends
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Users reviews

Adam W (nl)

Another piece of shit from Murphy,find a hole and bury this

billy k (gb)

Christian Slater's best movie till date

Chris C (ca)

i liked this, very funny and felt so sorry for the guy

Craig Jacks J (mx)

Watched this last night on the tele, it has now nocked "Last Days of Disco" of the perch as my worst movie of all time, a wooden script, very confusing plot , slow and uneven

Evan K (fr)

1/4,:p. . . 1/4 1/2 Anna Mouglalis live

JohnFox (es)

can I still rate it? Someone please do not tell me it got spectacular at the eleven minute mark. . . Turned it off about 10 minutes in

Katie M (mx)

Go see this movie. I'm in love with Daniel Radcliffe

Lars S (es)

It was so bad and I can't wait to watch it again

Laura K (nl)

dreadful. . . . Most of it was so dark you couldn't even tell what was going on

Lisa J (ca)

Its a movie for women, its was fair