The Darkest Dawn

The Darkest Dawn

Evacuated from their home, two teenage sisters unite with fellow survivors and escape London by river to embark on an odyssey across the badlands of Britain.

Directed by award-winning director Drew Casson, the movie tells the story of two teenage sisters whose lives are turned upside down as Britain descends into an alien apocalypse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Darkest Dawn torrent reviews

Evan K (fr) wrote: 1/4 1/2 Anna Mouglalis live... , 1/4,:p

Craig Jacks J (mx) wrote: Watched this last night on the tele, it has now nocked "Last Days of Disco" of the perch as my worst movie of all time, a wooden script, very confusing plot , slow and uneven.

Laura K (nl) wrote: Most of it was so dark you couldn't even tell what was going on....dreadful.

Lisa J (ca) wrote: Its a movie for women, its was fair.

Katie M (mx) wrote: I'm in love with Daniel Radcliffe. Go see this movie.

Chris C (ca) wrote: i liked this, very funny and felt so sorry for the guy.

Lars S (es) wrote: It was so bad and I can't wait to watch it again

JohnFox (es) wrote: Turned it off about 10 minutes in ... can I still rate it? Someone please do not tell me it got spectacular at the eleven minute mark.

Adam W (nl) wrote: Another piece of shit from Murphy,find a hole and bury this.

billy k (gb) wrote: Christian Slater's best movie till date.

Rabecca B (us) wrote: The Divine Miss M was a dazzling Dixie. I love the soundtrack to this movie.

Martina S (fr) wrote: El miedo que implica toda transgresin devora pedacitos de alma...

Marc F (jp) wrote: Set in the early 1970's, when being a flight attendant was still reserved for women only, who were appropriately sized and retirement was age 29 or marriage. Yes the FA is pregnant by the pilot, yes the bomb is taken aboard and yes the plane suffers from the bomb. Great Patroni character who knows more about the 707 than the pilots. Sad thing is the basis of the story has a similar real life event, that of Continental Flight 11 on May 22nd 1962. A passenger Thomas Doty blew up the plane while in flight in the aft lavatory for his widow to get $150,000 in life insurance. But, that plane crashed and all were killed.

Martin K (de) wrote: La drogue c'est mal et ce film en est la preuve. Sorte de Fantasia sous LSD pour sa musique omniprsente et son absence de dialogues, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome se rapproche plus du thtre et de la danse que du cinma et dlivre un festival fluo et confus de rfrences occultes tires de l'sotrisme grand-guignolesque de l'poque. Dix minutes auraient suffi, 38 c'est clairement trop pour une ?uvre certes originale, mais inutilement hermtique et l'esthtique susceptible de nous donner une vraie crise de foie.