The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour

In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race which has attacked Earth via our power supply.

The Darkest Hour follows five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to lead the charge against an alien race who have attacked Earth via our power supply. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicky M (ag) wrote: A very interesting doco on how men look at themselves, how the world look at them and how everyone has their own idea of what is manly. Includes actors, musicians, wrestlers, etc.

Aaron B (au) wrote: This was a great idea, however they made it about as cheesy as a movie could be. I don't understand why the topic of religion and Christianity can't be put on the big screen without terrible acting and writing. For the love of "God", take the money spent on a dozen of these lame films that attempt to tackle religious topics, and combine them to create 1 decent film that the audience can actually sit through without rolling their eyes.

Giannis K (au) wrote: sympathitiko me kali mousiki

Jacob H (kr) wrote: greatest comedy ever made.

Kym c my community profile R (ru) wrote: I thought for some reason this was going to be a horror movie, turns out Morgana who tricked King Arthur & had a son by him Named Morgan (?) aka The Arcadian has taken over the Pendragon castle as if he's the rightful heir. Avalynn is now one of the Knights of the round table as well as being protected by what's left of them being she is King Arthur's daughter. (& Rightful heir) The arcaidian is using the book of beasts That Merlin Created to try to get his sister & create a true pendragon. He also plans to capture Merlin in the book. So we've got an adventure tho' not really thrilling. This looks like cheese that would be on Syfy channel. Parts are reminisce of Monty Python (There's one part I could't help but think of the Limbless knight ROTF) if not made for Syfy channel then this is someother kind of made for tv crap. Its seems to be part spoof, nothing really original other than instead of Morgana actually bing in it its her basterd son. Etc D

Madison M (kr) wrote: Of course this movie could have used something. It's a remake of movie made from a book, but the story is still there if you pay attention. I love Under the Mountain; it's something truly different from what you see on the big screen all the time.

Lisa B (jp) wrote: really hard movie to follow. i've seen it and i still can't figure out what it's about!

Bruce s (mx) wrote: fun / lots of action/Chase scenes and who's who of the young & new acting world of today

Brett B (us) wrote: Decent lycanthropic fare, with good performances from Pare and Hemingway, a cool design for the werewolf, and an interesting dynamic involving the family dog, who's really one of the lead characters, something I've never seen in a horror film. The movie's fundamental problem is that it feels just a little confined and small; while the intention (I'm sure) was to build a sense of isolation and claustrophobia, it comes across more as lacking proper scope. That's a writing issue, but the stuff surrounding the writing is pretty good, making this worth a watch for fans of the werewolf subgenre.

Leo L (kr) wrote: I remember this film and I can't help but love it.

Adam M (jp) wrote: More transgressive than almost any teen comedy, but not funny enough -- though it's funnier than Cracked, funnier than the Lighter Side Of... And it's funnier than Police Academy and more visually interesting than Stripes. Ron Liebman may have taken his name off, but really, his role isn't well-written and his performance is lacking. The movie isn't bad. Also, the soundtrack is hipper than it should be and so is Ralph Macchio.

Akash S (es) wrote: Slow but interesting. a good portrayal of Indian society. Do not care about the country in general, but make sure ur own home is safe! That does not make sense but it is the sad reality. Also the the chess games of meer and nawab vs the king and the british is a good symbolism. Nonetheless, I found most interesting the ideas generated by this, which is dont care until it effects you, and then at that point you have a option only to run out of town and say that you can protect yourselves! To answer Sunay, I think the editting was fine and simple. I was amazed by the camera shots and angles, it was something different and didnt expect to see such technical shots in a period film!

Darren H (mx) wrote: A cult-classic chase flick less known for its fast cars and wild stunts than its dirty-to-the-core thrills and ruthless characters.

Jim H (mx) wrote: A "British" intelligence agent sniffs out corruption undercover.John Huston's thriller is slow moving and almost blithe in its action, acting, and direction. it is almost as though all involved - audience and filmmakers - know what is going to happen, so there is little commitment in the execution. What is more, Paul Newman's "British" accent is so inconsistent that it sounds dubbed in some parts and like Paul Newman in others. There's no real plot-based need for him to be British, but like I said, it doesn't seem like much thought was put in to the story and acting.Overall, this isn't a terrible film, but it certainly doesn't radically engage.

Stephen C (gb) wrote: Budd Botteichers pair down B westerns deserve to be raised to a more loftier plane as they are the mosy interesting films in the western genre.The films he made with Randolph Scott are pretty matchless in terms of quality of acting and direction.Here Scott plays Buchanan a saddle tramp who rides into a border town where the welcome is less than friendly.Pretty soon Buchanan is making enemies with the local town bigwigs while standing up for a young Mexican who killed a local .Everybody in the town is pretty nasty and in a neat plot device some are related to each other.That doesn't stop them from underhanded and double dealing whether its stealing Buchannan's money or demanding an extortionate ransom to save the Mexican from the hangman's noose.It soon boils down to a final standoff but the film has a load of twisty turns to make before we reach that finale and unlike some of the other Scott/Botteicher Westerns there is plenty of humour too.The film contains plenty of tension as well and like all of Budd Boettichers films it really is a grand film in the western tradition.

Nausheen T (jp) wrote: what a fantastic movie hav ever seen !!

Manch F (es) wrote: Everything about this movie was bad, I pity whoever paid to see this. Completely unwatchable.

ANDERSON G (kr) wrote: Good, this is vertigo, the soundtrack is magnificent (like any of the Alfred Hitchcock film), photography is spectacular, the good performances, the script is Good, all of suspense is amazing, John's paranoia (James Stewart) the way Hitchcock uses the play of light to show the different feelings of our protagonist, his dreams turning his obsession, the feeling that there's something wrong permeates the entire film, his only fault is that at some point the film loses its rhythm and its acts are confused, but nothing is perfect. Vertigo is a great movie in every way.