The Dawning Sky

The Dawning Sky

A melodrama about an orphan and her mother who are separated and lose contact, but are later reunited.

A melodrama about an orphan and her mother who are separated and lose contact, but are later reunited. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (ru) wrote: Have to say we did like this film but is not best as like "Step Up" suitable for teenager and adult to watch this if people like dances.

Mariana L (ru) wrote: Not remotely what I expected it to be -- EVEN BETTER!!! I laughed hysterically throughout most of it. I've been a Waters fan for ages, but this makes me like him even more.

Rehana K (nl) wrote: comedy is slow but an ok movie

Paul M (de) wrote: Pretty gripping thriller.

Nicola P (au) wrote: I like this movie. It tells about the Albanian that were coming to Italy, dreaming a better life. It makes you think a lot about it, and immigration in general. Dreams, hopes and illusions ... but you realize soon what is the reality.

BRUNO V (de) wrote: Totally not as good as Saturday Night Fever , but the dance scenes were nice ! The music ...some of it ! SOMDVD

Da T (mx) wrote: Worth the quid i saw it for! Cant quite take the ultravolta seriously in this film. Badly made too. One more thing, love the bear suit! Looks fresh from Mario 3!

ralphieboy333 (kr) wrote: OK for Amicus Studio completists but their scripts (like this one) were almost invariably more despondent and negative than Hammer's. Oddly, about half of the stars and production people on this one were Hammer big names. A few nice set design touches, though.

Mereie d (es) wrote: Though entertaining enough to see for a second time (great funny subtleties to lighten up a deadly serious topic based on historical fact), ??Landru?? has its tame sides too. One is amused by the costume setting, the feigned romance, the historical circumstances that make Landru??s (Charles Denner) crimes a ??necessity?? (=war time leading to both financial problems and a female surplus). In a way, the silly charade of the meetings between Landru and his women is not unlike the silly charade of blind dates and relationship counseling nowadays: you get the lies (from both sides), the awkward first encounters, the faked interest, etc. Chabrol clearly displays the absurdity of these charades by emphasizing the overly sentimental affectations of both the women and Landru himself, while contrasting them with Landru??s utter cruelty. Landru is clearly a psychopath (rather than just a gold digger). In the end it is almost as if he has convinced himself of being innocent of any crime. Chabrol has done a decent job turning serious stuff into entertainment occasionally verging on hilarity (American neighbours who keep complaining about the stench coming from the chimney, Landru buying one return ticket and one single fare every time he??s spotted a new potential victim, etc.), but truth be told, it is also much of the same. After a few conquests and domestic tiffs, we pretty well got the picture.

Daibhid J (nl) wrote: I truly wish I could recomend this classic. I love Chaney and Browning but sadly the last known print of this film was destroyed in a fire 40 years ago so the DVD is a reconstruction using surviving snippetts of film fleshed out with still photos, stock footage and matte drawings, still interestng but something the cover should make more clear. Caveat Emptor.

Carlos M (es) wrote: Dreyer's third film, his cinematic breakthrough, is overlong, a bit prosaic and doesn't offer much in terms of narrative, but his stellar mise-en-scne and George Schnevoigt's cinematography make every stunning shot worthy of being framed and put on a wall in any museum.

Indu R (nl) wrote: A really good movie depicting the real life of what top high school athletes deal with when being recruited. Good acting and a good plot.

Bacon D (nl) wrote: HEy thats pretty good