The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

After years of increases in the greenhouse effect, havoc is wreaked globally in the form of catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, floods and the beginning of a new Ice Age. Paleoclimatologist, Jack Hall tries to warn the world while also shepherding to safety his son, trapped in New York after the city is overwhelmed by the start of the new big freeze.

Jack Hall, paleoclimatologist, must make a daring trek across America to reach his son, trapped in the cross-hairs of a sudden international storm which plunges the planet into a new Ice Age. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex G (it) wrote: Clever, cute and with great production value...this is a fun little gem worth watching.

Jan P (br) wrote: Decoding Annie Parker is a wonderful heartwarming film that takes you through the lives of two wonderful women who never give up searching for the answers of why breast and ovarian cancers run in family. This movie will bring you laughs and make you cry.. Brilliant ..

Amber N (us) wrote: Recommended drug movie

Victor T (ca) wrote: In 1992, Robert Rodriguez surprised audiences and critics with his low budget but promising directorial debut "El Mariachi", three years later he continue the story with mixed results in "Desperado" and in 2003 he ended the "Mexico Trilogy" with his version/attempt of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly": Once Upon a Time In Mexico. After the events of "Desperado", El Mariachi is contacted by a CIA agent called Sands who assigns him the suicide task to stop an overthrown of Mexicos President. The Mariachi Trilogy has been known for being campy, fun and exaggerated films so Robert Rodriguez decided to end his attempt/version of "The Dollars Trilogy" by making an epic conclusion but the result was less than stellar. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" counts with all the fun/characteristic elements of its predecessor- The campy vibe, Rodriguez energetic/improvised directing is as good as last time, the inventive/over the top action sequences, acting that is fun to watch, and gorgeous locations- but this final installment takes them to a new level of absurdity by introducing a ridiculously overstuffed plot that takes away the charm of its predecessors, unnecessary characters, a handful of subplots that go nowhere, comedy that manages to get some laughs, bizarre and questionable choices, a laughable attempt to add some drama into this insane comedy/action film, a lackluster finale that's not worth all the buildup and El Mariachi is completely overshadowed by every character in this film, thus making this film a pointless addition to the "Mexico Trilogy". But even with all those issues, "Once Upon a Time" manages to remain fun throughout its running time, even if the quality is inferior compared to the first couple instalments of this trilogy. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" is straightforward fun and entertaining mess of a movie. In my opinion this is the weakest instalment of this fun trilogy but if you enjoy the last films you will definitely like this film more than I did. An average, mindless and creative action "flick" that's charming throughout its running time.

Aaron B (us) wrote: Damn fine little movie. I think people misunderstand what its about...maybe. I think its more about growing up and quantifying those feelings that you're giving up who you think you "are"...then again...I'm an old sell out.

Nick K (de) wrote: It's not very good. I didn't find the story engaging and it was somewhat confusing with too many twists.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Some standout performances, even the kids are good in this. Winner of 5 Oscars. Saw this several years ago and literally forgot the entire film. Didn't even remember the mom getting cancer. Like how realistic this film was.

Rich M (de) wrote: Just because you have the opportunity and resources to make a movie, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should.

Principles2000 P (de) wrote: All time classic movie. 1 of my favorites

CJ A (de) wrote: 'Forbidden Planet' tackled the politics of knowledge, 'Them!' tackled post-war paranoia, and 'Queen from Outer Space' tackles... that stupid species known as women! Yep, in this B-movie camp-o-rama, an unequivocal nadir in 1950s sci-fi-as-social-allegory, three stupid male astronauts land on Venus, a planet populated with stupid women who - according to dialogue spoken by both sexes - need the love of a man to feel happy. Between the variety-show set design, the fugly-as-fuck costuming, and the misogyny so ignorant it's actually charming, this movie is more than ripe for your finest 'Mystery Science' couch comments. Enjoy!

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Francisco L (nl) wrote: Despite it original theme, Let's Be Cops can't approach the theme making it funny enough to be a good comedy movie. Predictable, weak screenplay, but well acted.