The Day Arnold Schwarzenegger Kicked My A**

The Day Arnold Schwarzenegger Kicked My A**


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The Day Arnold Schwarzenegger Kicked My A** torrent reviews

Brandon T (de) wrote: Despite its obvious good intentions, Against The Grain is played by bad actors with a corny handle.

Greg W (jp) wrote: awesome heartfelt lil indie

Ayal G (nl) wrote: Charming, funny and real

David P (fr) wrote: The film has a few low-points where it loses your attention, but that doesn't keep you from wanting to see it through. We've all seen or known people like Felix... Shut-ins, crazies, old bastards, what have you... what this film does is remind you that they have a story, and that perhaps they live the way they do for a reason you might not expect.

Alain S (ru) wrote: Mauvais !! La seul chose de beau dans ce film, c'est les paysages.

Marta R (mx) wrote: This movie was horrible! and yes, misleading on the whole David Duchovony...Such a waste of time!

Guye J (ru) wrote: This 2005 horror movie was sick! Robert Englund(plays Freddy on "Nightmare On Elm's street) still looks great!

Aj V (gb) wrote: I hate these boring political dramas that try to be slightly satirical, as if that's going to entertain people. Politics is so boring, and this movie doesn't do anything (except maybe adding Rickman as eye candy) to make the audience interested in it. It's not one of the worst movies out there, but I really didn't care for it.

Kaweah P (ag) wrote: watching it now on late night local is an insult to all that have worn a military uniform....

Emm L (kr) wrote: A very slow, arty film. Annoyed me the first time by its slowness, but that's just coz i was expecting something else.The ending is one of my favourite movie endings.

Nicholas I (br) wrote: L.O.T.F has shoddy production values, under-direction, poor performances and has little relevance to its source material. This film is a waste of time....

Bob W (de) wrote: Goldie Hawn was absolutely amazing in this film. Very emotional and raw. Great directorial debut for Steven Spielberg.

Will D (au) wrote: Now I see why Mark Kermode hates Julian Sands so much. Although on this evidence he should lump Richard E Grant onto his shitlist too. This is pretty bad.

Aj V (ag) wrote: Another boring women behind bars movie, so boring and predictable, I didn't watch the whole thing.

Suanne W (gb) wrote: I enjoyed tremendously the movie Manhattan Night, from beginning to end. Not a sound in the theatre until this movie ended. Excellent! Looking forward to the Director, Brian DeCubellis's next movie.