The Day Hollywood Died

The Day Hollywood Died

He just woke up. He's in a hospital. He can't move. He can't remember who he is. Memories begin to flood back to him as he regains consciousness. He was part of a heist gone wrong. One of a crew of six asked to steal a briefcase from a secret vault. But that's all he can remember. He will combat the drugs and the pain and the solitude in a desperate effort to remember what happened to him and why. But once he finally reaches the end of his quest for answers he will wish he never began.

He just woke up. He's in a hospital. He can't move. He can't remember who he is. Memories begin to flood back to him as he regains consciousness. He was part of a heist gone wrong. One of a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran L (de) wrote: A sweet film with an angelic lead but you are left to fill in too many gaps in the narrative or to believe that our heroine is psychic as well as the subject of immaculate conception.

IMDB p (nl) wrote: This movie was downright brutal to watch. I have a very tolerant ability to watch B horror films; however, this one is particularly bad. The acting is worse than brutal, the story is beyond bad with zero back story provided upfront and early on and the direction is...wait a second there was even a director here- if so I doubt he would want his name on this stinker. I really tried to watch this one, but I had to turn it off about halfway through due to total boredom and due to how completely bad this one is. Don't waste your time on this one- not even to rent. Because there is no history provided and no story outlined very well at the beginning of this movie, it basically just starts into a freaky horror show of ghosts and ghouls whom you have no idea who or whats going on. I mean- unless you know about the infamous Winchestor mansion and its rumoured history you will really be scratching your head wondering wtf is happening here. To be honest I know the history and I still was asking myself wtf is happening here. Avoid!

Tom V (ag) wrote: Fascinating documentary that examines how fundamentalist Christians are trying to bring about the Armageddon via self fulfilling prophecy! Some of them even look upon the notion of the end with glee!

ruhan r (ag) wrote: great film and i loved egenelia she is so sweet

George B (gb) wrote: Sverk(s) finally did another good one after "Kolya." Funny and philosophical. But it's still another theme which was made way too many times.

Miguel V (it) wrote: esta genial aun que apenas casi dos aos despues halla llegado a mexico

stefn birgir s (ca) wrote: Who knew that puzzles could be interesting?

Edward K (nl) wrote: the acting by racheal miner was awesome but damn the movie was so dark you could barely see what was going on

James B (fr) wrote: I thought this was absolutely brilliant. The Beatles music catalog is an amazing group of tunes, and their material really evolved through the years. This movie incorporates all of those great tunes, the history of the time, and combines it in this great love story. I thought it was so well done. I'm surprised that I haven't seen this before. It's a must watch!

Paul F (de) wrote: Few actors have the "must see" effect on me that Rene Liu has. A long time admirer of her music and pop videos of Taiwan in the late 90's, just the very mention of her name and I'm there! Having said that, from the very first few seconds of the film you know you're in for something special with the spectacular vistas and breathtaking cinematography. For the uninitiated, English (and a few cultural) translations may come across a little corny - characters such as Fatty and Dumby etc. Forewarned, this should not distract you from the enjoyment of what is, a wonderful film.

Tuukka P (fr) wrote: Disfunctional family gets together when a poor daughter visits his author father in hopes of cashing in with his long lost love letters. Quite typical indie drama of this sort which unfortunetaly sort of of loses its way towrads the end.

Khondaker H (ru) wrote: though there felt a little distraction among the characters to characters but it passed well with its good cinematography.

Samitha J (nl) wrote: Jennifer Connelly starring depressing movie #2

Ariel H (es) wrote: This movie was funny but not in the conventional way. I don't even think it was intended. I had to much fun calling bullshit and laughing at the wierdness of it all.

neil L (au) wrote: Dark Days is a pretty cool homeless documentary. It doesn't really go anywhere but I enjoyed the dark and bleak atmosphere

Ilja S (ca) wrote: The perfectly casted Angelina Jolie makes Lara Croft interesting enough to watch it, but the plot is forgettable. The movie fails to build up any interest in her quest, and fails to deliver any emotional impact.

Shelby S (us) wrote: Great coming of age story set in the part of Beverly Hills that is very much overlooked in film. This is not some Pretty Woman wannabe movie, this actually has a real and funny story line.

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Mouais, a me semble bien loin du jeux vido dont je me souviens...

Private U (jp) wrote: sen jlkeen vaivataan

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch