The Dead and the Damned

The Dead and the Damned

A meteor lands in Jamestown California in 1849 during the gold rush. It is found by miners who release it's spoors which turn the population into blood thirsty mutants.

A meteor lands in Jamestown California in 1849 during the gold rush. It is found by miners who accidentally release it's spores which turn the population into bloodthirsty mutants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (us) wrote: When Dario Argento first announced his decision to make an adaptation of Stoker's classic, I was very surprise what he could beside witches and nasty serial killers..... Again, the impression after seeing this film, kill all that amusing and must awaited film that I was expecting for.Dracula 3D, loosely based in Stoker classic novel, tries to retrieve some aspects like the characters and lineage plot line like the novel will do, but knowing much better Argento, you know he always have something under his sleeves.....Not only try to divert away from the plot of the novel but the scenes, plastic location, cheap VFX and bad dialogues, makes all the sense, why this film has never seen the proper light in theaters. Don't take me wrong , I really like Argento's work and Deep Red is one of my favorite horror movies but Dracula 3D is just an excuse that Argento can make classic horror monsters under his eyes but this one is not that case. Even the film tries enormously to bring some Argento's traditional film techniques like long shot knowing that a killing is gonna happen, some nude scenes and gory killings, it is not enough to consider this one a nice comeback for the master of the Italian horror.... All I can say, Mr. Argento go back with the witches and transvestites killers that fit very well with you, have a nice day!!!!!!!

Robert V (au) wrote: Decent story that kept me guessing tell the last minute.

Jason A (gb) wrote: Well-acted but waaaaaay too slow and predictable film about race relations and a juke joint in 1950 Alabama.

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Tower Heist is perfect, hilarious, and action-packed. This movie has a ton of amazing actors and actresses. The plot of the movie is brilliant. I would very much suggest this movie.

mike h (nl) wrote: Im not a big rosie fan, but shes not bad in this, come on ee and rich, is that a pair of or what. I miss richard he did alot of great films back in the day, there still great now, is a classic and so are his movies, this is one, and its pretty good for a sequel.

Daniel R (us) wrote: Slobbish irresponsible uncle is called upon during an emergency to care for his suburban nieces and nephew. It's another comedy in which nobody likes the uncle but by the end he's proven himself and fixes everyone's problems for a happy ending.

Barry N (kr) wrote: Fun, cute and imaginative.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: It moves a little slow. But worth watching if ya like westerns.

Keenan S (ru) wrote: Why this was packaged in the Cult Classics collection by Mill Creek Entertainment, I do not know, but I'm glad they did because this silent film is quite a treasure to stumble upon, even though it's the very short hour long version. I found it to be a beautiful and compelling silent film with an interesting story and characters as they struggle with life in post-World War I Vienna. While I wish a longer version was more widely available, it should say something about a film's quality when even in its shortest form, it's still a damn good film. If you enjoy a good silent film, you should pick up Joyless Street because it is a lost treasure waiting to be rediscovered.

Brian L (kr) wrote: Love this movie will watch every time it is on TV.

Private U (es) wrote: Did I hear you right? You really want a movie in which Chuck Norris can turn into a Bear, a Hawk and a Wolf then team up with some kids to foil the evil plans of some lumberjacks!? May your wish be granted!

Joan Pau R (br) wrote: He likes to think he is big for that small town, but he also knows she is bigger than him.... in fact, he is far far far from imagining what she is up to. Fiorentinos wonderful performance is the key to the success of this cruel but also comic thriller, a reversal of gender stereotypes enhanced by the second lead male, the less naive but ultimately outwitted New York husband. And the tempo is just perfect, with a nice little twist at the end. More perfect than Gone Girl.