The Dead Life

The Dead Life


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Ben H (es) wrote: If you combined Don Juan and Don Quixote and set it in the modern era, you would get this film.

Eduardo T (br) wrote: Without a doubt the best film of all time. I know I haven't seen much films but this one just surpasses all of them. It's pure genius. The acting is dull but there is a reason for that. So the viewer can interpret the actors for themselves. It's one of those types of films that don't give away everything. You as the viewer have to do some thinking for yourself. If you don't want to do some thinking then go watch something else. But the truth is you don't need to do some thinking. You could just watch the film then read an analyses online when it's over. That's what I did. The story of this film is of a donkey that goes from owner to owner. The film is literally your whole life in one hour and thirty minutes. Everything in life is expressed threw this film. The hard part is picking up what those morals and dismorals are. Everything else from the direction to the writing is superb. The pacing was well thought out and made for people with large attention spans. Great film to satisfy my large attention span. I could sit still for hours. The production values of Art House films shine threw this piece of art, even thought they have low budgets. Another thing I enjoyed was reading the dialogue. For some strange reason reading a movie sounds much more intelligent. For those educated and prestigious minds out there I would recommend Au Hasard Balthazar. You won't be disappointed.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Carys E (jp) wrote: Lame film, but features the monumental song going 'I want my mummy and my dad... I just wanna be back home, I just wanna... I just WANNA WANNA WANNA BE BACK HOME!!' before Batty comes in with his whole party act.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: i love tina majorino, she's brilliant. this is a really cool movie with a very loveable animal. usually loveable animal movies wind up being pure rubbish, but this is a pretty cool movie. this was also one of the first movies that i saw at the cinemas, so it's very special.

Scott R (kr) wrote: Some great gags with small house, the train and the whole lullaby sequence. There were some weak points, but hey the Marx brothers make up for it with other wittiness.

jay n (ru) wrote: Some nice scenery and decent acting but moves at a snails pace.

Brayden T (mx) wrote: First of all, I may be a little bias when writing this, as this is one of my favorite films OF ALL TIME. If I had to describe Videodrome, I'd say it was a cryptic, surrealistic nightmare based in biotechnology, social commentary (which is actually more relevant now!), and oh so much psychosexuality. The movie is stacked full with bizarre sequences and conversations, and even though you might not get it at first, you can't help but be entertained by the sheer weirdness of it all. Despite the crazy practical effects and gruesome images, Videodrome has alot to offer in the way of story and message. It warns of possible violation of our own individuality and perception of the world through the media we consume and its format. It also brings up really interesting philosophical ideas on how we see reality and what defines the phrase "real life". From the first viewing, the imagery will stick with you and make you want to watch it again, in which case the story and ideas will start to soak in more completely and soon you'll find yourself assimilated into the collective of fans of Videodrome...or at least that was my situation.LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!!!

Kees C (mx) wrote: Worst movie of the year, period